Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Have you all seen this site. Love the concept. I know there is an American one too, but Id never heard of it...I think I live with my head in the sand a bit when it comes to the bigger stuff in the scrapping industry LOL

Anyway, I needed some inspiration this morning and decided to take their first challenge..If you havnt seen the blog, can you guess whos LO this is a lift of?????????

LOL if any one actually picked it give yourself a medal!!!!!!! Im so bad at lifting other peoples LO. This definately has more me than the original stamped all over it! I really wanted to keep as close as possible to Ericas LO.....well that didnt last....I started moving stuff around...making it more me (not the point I know!) I went back to Es LO and picked the elements that I loved the most...
1. The black/white and only one other colour
2. The huge '&'
3. The brackets
4. The slightly crowded feel of the title block
5. The flowers
I think I made it work from there, although I had to cut the Lil Davis frame I was using as brackets up even more, cause there was no way I could get the title to look right inside the brackets. Its done, and I actually really like it!!!
I have been waiting SO long to use this quote on a LO. I saw it ages ago on one of Katies LOs and when I printed this photo off, it imediately reminded me of it. . .so I went searching through her two peas gallery and found it. Thanks to both girls for the inspiration!!!


kathie said...

Great layout. I love it that it is more Nic than Erica. Scraplifts should have your personality stamped on them, I reckon.
Yes, they are becoming little boys before our very eyes. My little angels currently thinks that burps are just the most hilarious thing on the planet. Hmmmm.... Luckily he can't yet do them on demand.

I Scrap therefore I am said...

You've definitely made this work Nic - it looks great.
Petrina :)

Anonymous said...

What a great scrapjack Nic. It looks great. Love the big & too ;)
Good luck!

Tammy James said...

Oh Nic I think you have gotten the essence of what I consider scrapjacking to be.
This Lo is gorgeous.

Mel Diener said...

Perfect Nic, it has YOU stamped all over it.

Louise said...

Im with Mel Nic!!!!! This is the good thing about scrapjacking, along with the fun of it!!

Have a Fabulous Easter Nic!!
Cheers Louise :)x

charmaine said...

this looks great nic and i just love the quote