Friday, April 20, 2007

at 17 months

…Wrap your arms around us when you hug us (and we all love it!!!)

…Are still always opening and closing doors
…Don’t like holding my hand when we are walking
…Are a fussy eater & carry on shaking your head, and whinging every night at dinner time until you get the first taste of your food…if you like it you eat happily, if not there is no convincing you otherwise
…You can ride your bike properly
…Love climbing up and standing in the window sill in your little play corner
…Point to the sky when you hear a plane
…Still grunt more than speak
…Sleep through the night
...Don’t get a bottle in the afternoon anymore – you definitely don’t eat your tea if you have one
…Havnt learnt to pucker up when you kiss – you come at us with your mouth open wide! …LOVE doing what ever Daddy or your brothers are doing …LOVE your bath or a shower with Daddy
…LOVE your dummy

...LOVE being outside and love wearing your new gum boots …LOVE your Teddy
…Have an amazing comprehension of what we are saying to you
…Pick up how to do things very quickly
…Can reach the door handles …Squeal {VERY} often
…Still have two sleeps a day
…Eat two weetbix & a banana for breakfast, although I usually still feed it to you! …Would rather play with big boys toys like your brothers
…Have no interest in TV
...went hunting for easter eggs...lots of times!…Like to dance to music
…Have a sweet tooth
…Can climb onto the lounge chairs
…Point and laugh at just about everything
…LOVE going for rides in a nappy box
…Are starting to get a bit rough with other children – too much time with older kids, not enough time with kids your own age
…Go to playgroup sometimes
...went to the zoo for the first time …LOVE having horsey rides on Daddy’s back
…Have started frowning (very cute)
…LOVE helping to taking your nappies out to the big bin outside, and get cranky when you can’t
…say “Ta”
…have shown an interest in sitting on the toilet, but havn’t managed to actually do anything while your there
…Can be so silly you make me laugh till I cry!
…LOVE playing peek-a-boo
…need another haircut ...are fascinated by the remote controls, and like to leave them in special places for us (read ..we can never find where you have put them LOL)
...Have found the on/off button on the TV
...LOVE playing with cars and trucks and anything with wheels really! ...have a thing about shoes - always wanting to put on your own, or anyone elses!
...are just so darn cute, & cheeky, and are loved to bits by your whole family!


kathie said...

Beautiful Nic. I'm too lazy this month.

Katie Toland said...

beautiful nic. I love watching him grow. What a cutie :)

steph devlin said...

Thanks for letting us share the journey with your beautiful little boy.

Steph xo

PS Im loving that Scrapjack site. Thanks for the tip Nic. Could come in really handy.

Nat-Mardon said...

quick easy way to record the month's stuff!! I have 2 months to catch on - my boy wil lbe 11 months tomorrow - time goes FAR TOO QUICK huh!!
Loved reading about your boy and seeing all those cute pics... he sure IS TOTALLY CUTE!!

Mel said...

Gosh Nic, he is *SO* goddamn cute!
He reminds me a LOT of Ben - they have similar hair and the same cheeky grins!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Yep I agree with the others WHAT A CUTE LITTLE BOY!

LOvE how he kisses, lol!

kathie said...

I just tagged you ;)
Check out my blog.
Only if you want to.