Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time to share

Ive got a few layouts to share today. The first is for this fortnights Scrapbook Station portal, which was stitching. Kathie commented on my beautiful neat even stitching. Thanks for having that much faith in my sewing ability...I use the machine to punch the holes and then hand stitch through them...easy to get it neat that way! The second one is in the latest Scrapbooking Memories. This must be one of the most published photographs going around LOL so many of the girls have scrapped it, and had it published. All very different too.
The last is the LO that I did on Saturday night at Scrapbook Station. We had a great night. It was fantastic to get together with all the 'local' girls, and meet acouple of new freinds as well. I was so inspired with all that talent..Kates divine mini albums, Janines stunning art journal, beautiful LOs everywhere, an array of gorgeous paper napkins...oh yeh and of course Kates bits ;)

I also got these little post it note covers done for the mothers day stall at school. I will wrap them with one of the cute litle spoon magnets that you can see on the second pic.

I came home inspired and ready to scrap. Ive completed two more LOs since then! Im going to keep them under wraps though. If I can manage to get together five decent LOs I might put a portfolio into the FK awards for excellence. If I get enough I will enter, otherwise...oh well!

Today i finally got around to something that has been on my to do list for ages. I wanted to make Isaac a special little board book.
I want him to be able to drag it round the house, so I wasn’t to pedantic about it. I managed to break the spine of the book when I had to cut the double page photo (so it would close!) so all the centre pieces look like crap...but in the grand scheme of things Isaac really doesn’t care.
He looked quite concerned when I first gave it to him, but it soon turned to great big smiles, laughs and pointing at all the pictures. He isn’t a real book boy unfortunately...probably my fault, as baby#3 there isn’t a lot of time for a good bed time reading routine...especially when you go to sleep at 6pm...right in the middle of getting everyone else’s tea, homework etc etc!!! So coupled with the fact he really isn’t talking much yet either, I thought this would be a great way to encourage both things!

GRRRRRR blogger is being VERY, VERY, VERY painful today. It ate part of my post yesterday and again today, wont save or upload... Third time lucky...fingers crossed


Mel said...

Love that Summer layout, Nic, it's so simple, yet so effective - those photos just "jump" at you!

Those post-it note covers are too cute and that board book - what a fantastic idea! Both Hannah and Ben love books - Ben keeps eating them though - but I think they'd both love to read something about themselves like that... you're just too talented!

kathie said...

Ahah! And here I was thinking that you had these sewing superpowers.
Love the book you've made for Isaac. I can imagine his face when he recognised all the pictures :)

janinek said...

You make me laugh!!! Love the LO you did and the note covers are fantastic!!

kerry said...

Hi Nic ,

That is fantastic i will have to now find an old book and try to make one for Mikayla she would just love it.Great layout that you did for scrapbooking memories.I will upload my book to my blog when i do it,hopefully somtime this week