Monday, May 21, 2007

STOP...slow down...please

18 1 1/2 years sweetie!

I know I say this every single month, but where is time going, it seems like every month you grow so much, you learn so many new things, its hard to keep up.
You are running everywhere these days. You wave madly, hug us, dance to music, climb onto the sofas all by yourself, and most of all LOVE being outside.
You understand everything we say to you, and are getting really good at following directions. I made you a special book with photos of you and the family. You love to read it all the time.
You want to play with what ever you see Caleb & Nathan with, you have little interest in your baby toys, you constantly have a matchbox car or motorbike in your hand. "Monkey see, Monkey do...and your the monkey" is what Caleb always says to you.

You love to help put away your toys, put cups in the cupboard, pieces of rubbish in the bin, and STILL are forever shutting doors! You imitate constantly. You take your little watering can and 'water' the plants. Its so cute to see you only go to the plants that Daddy usually waters with his watering can. You perch yourself up on the chair and point the remote control at the TV as you push the buttons, and you run the boys 'scanners' toys along the floor and cupboards just like they do as they scan the bar codes on things.

All four of your eye teeth have finally come through. You are still a fussy eater through. Bananas are your firm favourite, and you love your weetbix for breakfast. You whizz through three with warm milk every morning. You sometimes even have them for tea. If I ask if you want something to eat during the day, you head straight for the cupboard and pull out the weetbix packet. You are a funny little thing sometimes!

Tonight you layed in the big bed in your room and had a story with Nathan while you drank your bottle. I brushed your teeth, washed your face, and you trotted off to complete your bedtime routine... good night kisses & cuddles for everyone. As usual you grabbed Teddy and dummy, but instead of going over to your cot, you decided to climb onto the bed. I humored you and tucked you under the covers, whispered our usual "night night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs you Isaac" and sealed it with a kiss. I walked out and pulled the door across, fully expecting that gorgeous cheeky smile to pretty much follow me straight out the room. You stayed there. I checked about 15 min later and you were still wide awake, laying on the bed.

You eventually fell asleep.

Dwarfed by the size of the bed.

So cute.

So not my tiny little baby any more.

So begging for a photo or five!!!

I would leave you there all night except for two things.

1. The fire is on and I'm not comfortable with the thought you could stumble out near it if you wake.

2. I'm just not ready for that transition. Not yet. Its one of the last tangible links to you being a baby that remain and I just need time to slow down a bit while I catch up.

STOP...slow down...please don't grow up to fast my little man, Mummy's just not ready yet!

*****the next morning edit******I was heading of to bed just after midnight and flicked the bathroom light on to move Isaac into his cot. I decided to go to the toilet first quickly. I could hear what I thought was Caleb rustling around in his bed. As I came around the corner, there was Isaac riding his little bike out his bedroom door! SO cute!!!!! So not staying in the big bed!!!! LOL


kathie said...

Noooo! Not the big bed. Surely they can't be ready for big beds yet? I mean, they only came out of hospital the other day.
Glad Isaac's eye teeth are through.
I cannot persuade Jamie to let me clean his teeth at the moment. You must give me hints.
Those Mothers Day photos of you are gorgeous!

kerry said...

Nic he is such a delightful little boy.I sttill haven't put my little girl in a bed and she is 26 mths old i can't even bare the thought of her growing up but you are right the grow way to quickly.I love your photos they are all just gorgeous.

Nat-Mardon said...

Nic, I totally know what you mean about them growing up too fast!! Today is my Elijah's 1st birthday! How did that happen!! Wasn't it only the other week that we were at the SAM retreat, you with about 4 weeks to go, and me just found out I was pregnant with Eli??? Time goes FAR too fast! I don't like it either!! Big bed, oh no. Come back baby!
Gorgeous pics as usual :)

Jess said...

Hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but I could really relate to what you said about the cot being the last tangible link to babyhood. My DS#2 is 28 months and he's really ready for a big bed, but I'm not planning any more babies and I can't bear to part with the cot! I'm just putting it off as long as I can.


Mel said...

No, not the big bed yet.... Hannah was 27mths before we did it (and she changed rooms too!)
Love your progress notes about Isaac - I know you don't want me to say it, but he really is a little boy now isn't he? And so darn cute! Gosh I have to make one of those board books before Ben "grows up"... and btw, those Mothers' day pics of you are totally gorgeous. I hope you have them somewhere special in your home.

Mel Diener said...

roflmao..what a cheeky boy. I remember when my girls first went into the big bed, I would find them asleep on the floor hours later with toys in hand lol.

No, don't go the big bed yet, he's still too little and cute.

Mardi said...

Oohh Nic... how cute is he all snuggled up in that big bed.... he's just adorable.
Its like taking a little trip back down memory lane reading your post...but the sad thing is doesnt seem that long a go for me...and now Im whinging about
Mardi x

janinek said...

Dont worry, he will be your baby for a lot longer! Regardless of how big he is getting!! LOL!! I detect a note of cluckiness....maybe you should try for a girl.

Katie Toland said...

Awww he's so cute! But NO don't let him sleep in the big bed yet. I know exactly how you feel, except Ethan is a year older, and I'm still comming to terms with it all - and putting him back into bed many, many times!

Love the pic of you and him. Beautiful.