Saturday, May 26, 2007

Did anyone get the number of that truck?

I mean the one that it feels like must have hit me a couple of days ago. Ive got some sort of fluey thing, and I feel like crap. If I keep up the panadol its not too bad, but Ive just got no energy. I think Im feeling OK and then go do something and Im exhausted in no time!
The youngest two kids also have colds. I suspect Isaac is feeling abit like me, he is sleeping lots, which is probably the best thing for him. Nathan is just really snuffly, although he does seem a bit flat this morning.

I got some SUPER exciting news yesterday, but I have to keep you all hanging for a bit longer on that one LOL I will share really soon though! ( and NO Im not pregnant Janine :0 )

Ive done nothing but clean up this morning, now I just want to go curl up in bed! except I have to take Nath to footy in about 1/2 hour. At least its a home match and only 5 min away.

Enough of my meaningless ramblings for this morning. Have a good weekend everyone!
I will leave you with a quick LO...still more of the mothers day photos. Had fun creating the journaling box with black & white pens. Love the result. Might make some more different ones!


Nat-Mardon said...

I think that SAME truck must have come all the way up to Qld and hit me too Nic!! But then again, I've just been cooking, cleaning, preparing and hosting a 1st b'day party today - AND I'm 35 weeks pregnant - maybe that's it huh??
I hope you feel better real soon darl xxx
And LOVE your layout. You look so amazing fantastic in those pics darl!

kerry said...

Nick i hope that you will be feeling better in a couple of days normally these things last for five days.Great layout.And come on what news have you got or who's design team have you been accepted on.

kathie said...

I had that this week. It must be doing the rounds. Hope you're feeling better now.
Love that journaling block you made. Wow, and I had to buy stamps to get that look!

Mel Diener said...

Fantastic layout Nic. Can't wait to hear your excity news.

Hope you guys are fast recovering..ugh, nothing worse than feeling like you've been slammed by a truck.

Shazz said...

hi nic...i have been very slack with keeeping up with the blogs of others so i am here for a big read of all your happenings.
wow....haven't your boys grown. that pic of isaac in the big bed and the subsequent midnight ride.....too funny....LOL
i hope you are feeling much better.
take care xxoo

p.s the word verification for this comment is "eyegrubs"...ROTFL
never seen a word made from all the letters before

SamD said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Love the LO - what a great photo too :)