Saturday, May 05, 2007

Isaacs 'special' book

Thanks for the lovely comments about the book I made for Isaac. Ive had a couple of questions about how I made it, so I thought Id post here.

It is an old kids board book that I altered.

I cropped & resized the photos to just bigger than the actual pages and added some text to each page. (I didnt want to add any pieces after that could be picked off by little fingers!)

I printed the photos on thick, slightly glossy photo paper (It was a cheaper brand

I adhered the photos to the pages with a strip of wide double sided tape right around the edge.

I trimmed and sanded the edges of each page.

Because of the spine of the book splitting further after I made it, I decided to take the book apart, punch holes and join it together with a couple of hinged rings. (mmmm yeh I know I said I want going to be pedantic about it, but it was messy and driving me crazy everytime we read it!!!) It seems much more durable this way too.

For those of you who wanted a better pic of the they are a little larger.

If anyone does make one, please let me see!!!! Either post me a comment here with a link, or email me a pic if you dont have an online gallery or blog!

Im planning another one with all of Isaacs family and friends, and another with things like car, banana, bed, teddy etc.
Have a nice weekend!


kathie said...

So cute Nac

Nat-Mardon said...

Thanks for letting us have a closer look, and the run-through on how you made it. I think its just gorgeous and what a special thing for a 10 month old to have - a book with pics of HIM in it!

Anonymous said...

What I gorgeous book Nic. I bet he loves reading it.


Mardi said...

Gorgeous Nic... and reading through an earlier sounds as though your scrapping night was must be so nice for you all to be able to get together and scrap and chat...
Mardi x

Mel said...

Thanks for the DIY info, Nic... I am definitely going to do one for each of the kids - thanks for sharing!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Your book is totally awesome nic, how unique and totally special! I love it girl!