Friday, April 24, 2009

14 months

To my sweet little Jazz,
This month has whizzed by in a bit of a blur. It has been filled with lots of family time. Easter celebrations and two weeks of school holidays have kept us pretty busy. You seem to take it all in your stride through. You still dont sleep when we are out in the pram or the car, but you are usually happy so I dont really mind. If Im desperate for you to have a sleep, I pop you in the ergo carrier and can usually manage to get you to have a nap while I carry you around.

You loved Easter. You took to the sweet taste of chocoalte like a duck to water! We spent Easter Saturday with Mummys side of the family, and had lunch on Easter Sunday with Daddys side.

Now that you are crawling everywhere, your brothers are having lots of fun with you. What better way to steal their hearts than crawling all over them, and flashing them that gorgeous cheeky grin. They are captivated by your giggly little laugh as well. You got to spend some time with Caleb & Nathan over the holidays. Your face lights up when you are all together having fun. At 14 months old there isnt a lot of things you can play together, so when the boys decided to pull all their pillows, cushions and blankets into the playroom, for a game, you were right there in the middle of it, loving every moment. Its moments like that that really make Mummys heart want to burst with love for you all (especially since they are far out weighed by the day to day altications between your brothers!)

Having you all home gave me the chance to get an updated photo of the four of you. Ive been pretty slack with the camera this month. Im getting frustrated with not being able to achieve the crisp clear images Id like to. I think its time to upgrade to a nice new lense. Its is getting much more dificult to get photos now you are on the move though! Im in the middle of creating a photobook of your first year. Its a belated 1st birthday gift for you. As I wade through all the photos of you Im reminded of how much you have grown, and how grateful I am to have so many pictures of you, so many moments captured by photographs that might otherwise be forgotten.

Isaac is such a wonderful brother to you. He loves that you can crawl around after him. He is pretty tolerant of you taking his toys, and getting right into the middle of what he is doing. He loves nothing more than to show you all the joyous delights of being a child. And he is over the moon when you achieve something new or do something that makes him laugh. You will really miss him when he heads off to Kindy next year.

You are really starting to show a little personality now. You have a stubborn streak, but as yet havnt really tried to push the boundaries. A simple aahhh, is enough to stop you doing or touching something you shouldnt. When ever I need to 'growl' to stop you doing something you immediately put your hands over your ears. The same way you do when you hear a loud noise or are about to cry. The other day I saw you go to touch the TV. You pulled yourslef up on the TV cabinet, gingerly reached your hand out towards the screen, then quickly pulled it back and sat down, your hands over your ears. You are learning the ways of the world!

At 14 months...

...You have finally hit the 9kg mark, you weigh 9.06kg. You are only a shorty though, so you still have the delightful look of a chubby little baby.

...You love to visit the playground and swing high on the swings

...You are crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything

...You have managed a couple of assisited steps behind your walker/pram. When I hold your hands for you to practice walking you lift your knees up so high on each step , you remind of a new born foal.

...You always wake up with the most unruley, but divinely cute, bed hair

...You love to look at all the birdies and butterflys that are around your bedroom as Mummy continues to redecorate it.

...You have a growing collection of cloth nappies as I build up a big enough stash to see us through washing and drying over winter. We have gone back to some fitteds and knitted longies as well.

...You have a breastfeed morning and night, and have a sippy cup of cows milk after your lunch

...You have not tried juice yet. You are more than happy with water from your strawcup.

...You make a funny little squelchy noise when you are hungry or thirsty and grunt in reply to questions.

...when its nearly bedtime and I ask if your 'peepee' (tired) you climb up to me and start waving goodnight to everyone.

...You lay your head on my shoulder when I ask for cuddles, and offer me your cheek when I ask for kisses

...You still get upset when you are left with other people.

...You go down to sleep at about 6pm ish, and usually sleep though the night until about 7am ish

...You have a morning sleep at about 9.30am for a couple of hours, and another sleep about 2pm

...You eat pretty much anything...and everything!

...You are still travelling rear facing in your carseat, and are generally happy and content while we are driving.

...You are not saying many words, but you are talking a lot. You are even starting to get quite loud at times!

...You have your tea at 5pm, and like to have someones attention from then until bedtime. You would ideally like to be cuddled and played with for that while time. Now if only I had a chef, maid, tutor, chauffer, cleaner, etc etc Id love to do that for you!

...You LOVE the bath. You 'wash' your hair and tip water over yourslef, and love splashing in there with Isaac. As soon as your undressed, you flip yourself over and head for the bathroom as fast as those little legs will let you crawl.

...You have just started trying to escape whenever Im changing your nappy, and evertime Im trying to dress and undress you.

...You usually have your hair pulled to one side in a little piggytail. The fringe is getting too long to leave down, and is still to short to stay off your face. You just pull headbands straight off now, and most days you pull out he hair elastics too! Its nearly time for your first haircut...good luck to Louise trying to do something with the large cowlick you have!

You really are at such a delightful age my baby girl. I know in the blink of an eye you will be walking and talking, so as always Im trying to treasure every precious moment with you.

Love You Sweetie

Mummy xxx


kathie said...

She's growing up so fast! Loved reading this.