Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday

We spent today at my Mum & Dads place. Brunch stretched into the afternoon and ended up turning into chicken, chips and salad for tea! Jazz was only four weeks old last easter, so this was her first easter hunt. Grandpa helped her find her eggs in the garden, and she was into them! This girl definately has a sweet tooth!

Isaac loved finding his eggs

excuse the blurry photo, its the only one I got of him hunting
- note to self....always have camera set on auto when attempting to
capture children hunting for easter eggs.
The amature photographer trying to capture such events using
manual settings will end up with LOTS of out of focus photos!!!!)

a quick snap of me and my girl (and the kettle LOL)Not much to share of the older kids. They are too quick at finding their eggs, and very unco-operative in front of the camera atm! Here is the best shot of the kids and I we could manage!