Friday, April 10, 2009


The balmy summer evenings have given way to the crispness of Autumn nights. The mornings are no longer filled with the whispers of the impending days heat, instead the chill of the air is a reminder of the approaching winter cold.Im always awed by the intense beauty of nature at this time of year. Despite the drought, the stunning colours of autumn abound.

Soon the fire will be alight, and the smell of the slow cooker and pots of homemade soup will fill the house. Beanies, coats and warm socks will replace T Shirts and thongs. As much as I dont like being either hot or cold (Im definaltely a spring and autumn girl) there are so many things I love about each of the seasons.

With winter appraoching I couldnt resist this cute beanie for Jazz. Looking at these photos I took at the park today, I think it will fit her for the next five years, but who can resist a baby in an oversized beanie LOL. Here are a couple of my favourites.
Cheeky girl - this was her 'Im gonna pull it off again Mummy' look!


kathie said...

Gorgeous photos Nic.

... dya want them scrapped?...

meika said...

Oh she is so gorgeous Nic!