Monday, April 06, 2009

A trip to the Dentist

Isaac had his first trip to the dentist last week.

I was a little nervous about his first trip to the dentist. Three is proving to be quite a challenging age. Melt downs and tantrums are a common occurance but on the flip side so are gorgeous huge cuddles coupled with "I Love you sooooooo much Mummy" that are enough to melt your heart back into submission - at least until the next cranky pants episode anyway LOL

I decided to take him at the same time as Nathan. Nathan is a great calming influence most of the time. Caleb and Jacinta stayed with Grandma - Caleb and Isaac together is often like throwing kero onto a fire, and having Jacinta there would have left me with no spare hands, and a good excuse for him to play up and get attention.

I needn't have worried. He sat quielty and still on my lap- well still for him anyway - while Nathan had his check. When it was his time, he pulled the Im shy and cant talk or climb up on the chair card. I intervened straight away and popped him up on the chair. He then got to 'drive' the chair, and he and the dentist counted teeth, and fingers and toes, and chatted away like they were long lost friends.

He was thrilled to get a toothbrush and a sticker at the end. Alls well that ends well LOL

A pleasant first expereince with the dentist, a sticker, a toothbrush, and a very healthy set of teeth all doing exactly what they should be!