Monday, August 03, 2009

3 happy things :)

I thought Id put some happy stuff out there today!
1. Belle & Boo - my very own print!
As you have probably gathered, Ive hung quite a few things on the walls in Jacintas room. The majority of it Ive made myself, but Ive had my eye on a print from Belle & Boo on etsy for quite a while. They are the most gorgoeus illustrations. Last night I was blog hopping and popped by the Belle & Boo blog. I was delighted to find she had made one of her prints available for free download and use through a fantastic scheme being though Indii fixx called Feed your soul - the free art project. Very cool idea. Its great to see people out there prepared to give something of themselves - for nothing - just to make someone else (like me) happy!

Ive framed up three prints (and made a card with an extra one I printed off ) to finish the collection above the cot.

The centre one is from Mandy Sutcliffe (Belle & Boo) the other two are from Cori Dantini (right) & Marjorie Ann Velez (left & card) two other artists participating in the project. It has given my collection a bit of 'artisticness' - if thats even a word. I really wanted an eclectic collection of randomly hung pics on the wall. Unfortunately my need to line things up and have them neat and orderly and somewhat the same (read - safe and boring) has some what hampered and drawn out this process to date. (You are talking to the girl who HAS to line up the bickies, in even rows, neatly on the tray when she bakes) It is getting there and Im trying to let go of my neat line tendencies a little. I did manage to use frames that were not exactly the same...LOL....its a start! All I need now is a pack of my favourite 3M velcro picture hanging strips and they will be up on the wall.

One of the great things about being able to create this collection on the cheap is that hopefully I will feel OK about changing it. I dont want it to be a static display. I want to be able to incorporate some of Jacintas own art work as she gets older, or items of interest to her. For now its my space to do with as I please (which may even include actually purchasing one of the other gorgeous Belle & Boo prints that Ive been drooling over) , but as she gets older I want it to be her space!

2. Im a winner !

I was thrilled to be choosen as one of the winners of a Baby Beehinds nappy on the weekend. BBH were some of the very first MCN I tried, and I still use them on a regular basis. No skill involved - they have started a facebook fan page and to enter all you had to do was upload a photo (or three) of your littlies in a BBH nappy. There were going to be 10 winners, but with so many cute pics, they ended up choosing 25 of us as winners. Super generous! and super an email to say it was in the post this morning. Even better, you could have your choice of nappy. I decided on a Licorice Minkee Magicall - cant wait till it arrives.

3. She is finally walking
At 17 months and one week, Jacinta is finally walking. In fact I dont think Ive seen her crawl today. So strange, after all this time of seeing her crawling around, she just keeps appearing - tottering along. She has taken to going into her bedroom and reaching right into the cot to pull out her dummy and blankie. I just turned around as I was typing this, and there was little Miss, toddling around the corner, cheekily grinning at me from behind her know, the dummy she normally only has when she is going to bed, or travelling in the car! She thinks she is pretty does Mummy ;) One more milestone checked off the list!
Hope your having a happy day - keep smiling, hug the ones you love, and remember to be greatful for the little things!