Monday, March 22, 2010

Autumn Fair

Yesterday the kids and I spent the afternoon at an Autumn fair at Caleb's school. We had a lovely afternoon. There was lots to keep the kids amused...
Jacinta had her face painted for the first time

and she got really brave and went on the jumping castle for the first time as well. (excuse the terrible photo!)

Isaac LOVES jumping castles, so he was thrilled to see one at the fair.

and even more excited that there was fairy floss (even though they only had a 1/2 serve each, we still had to find Caleb and Nathan to give the majority of it too!

Caleb & Nathan had a ball in the Sumo wrestling suits - I think I need a set of these for home!

The man even let Isaac have a turn (against Nathan on his knees!) right at the end.

All the kids loves being blind folded and having to crawl their way through the hay bale maze.
Thank goodness for the helmets as they ran into each other and the bales....a lot.

There were rides on the train

and when we needed a little break, the little ones and I plonked ourselves under a tree, on a nice shady, grassy hill, covered in beautiful Autumn leaves, and had more fun than any ride could hope to compete with.

covering each other in leaves

tossing arms full of leaves into the air and watching them flutter back down. Then discovering the funniest thing of all , throwing them all over Mummy while she was taking photos!
and of course, roiling over and over and over, right down the hill. wasn't only the kids that had fun, there was lots for me to browse (well as much as you can browse with a two and four year old!) and I got these lovely goodies at the second hand stall.