Wednesday, March 31, 2010

its massive!

lets just start by saying I'm not a real fan of white bread,
give me a loaf of really crusty, really grainy bread any day.

We always have multi grain or wholemeal bread and ever since Ive been baking grainy bread, the older kids have been asking if I could make some white bread. Today I decided I would do just that. I borrowed my neighbours bread machine (I hand kneaded multi grain rolls yesterday though) and decided on a large loaf size - the medium doesn't usually last that long around here. Oh my goodness, I didn't realise it would be quite this large - look what we just pulled out he oven! Isaac thinks it is hilarious that it is so big!

BUT homemade white bread straight out of the oven is rather morish!


Mamie Girl said...

OHHH I havnt tried making bread in the breadmaker and then putting it in the oven to cook- will have to try that!!

The Handmaden said...

Even at that size it wouldn't last long in this house!

kathie said...

Hmmm. it is, isn't it. I seem to remember that my waistbands got a little big snug when I went through a phase of baking home-made bread. Warm crusty white bread with butter and honey. Mmm mmm.!!

Car said...

Hot bread, butter and vegemite - Yummy!!!

Christie said...

Hi Nic, just visiting from Down To Earth. We are big on baking our own bread and it HAS to be wholegrain. Every now and then the kids will ask for "sometimes" bread (white) too. Looking at that loaf makes me really look forward to all the soups and crusty breads I'm going to consume this winter! Yum.