Saturday, March 13, 2010

whats been happening?

Since I decided to continue with the photo a day challenge (notice that I'm not going to jinx myself and commit to it being the project 365!) Ive been a really slack blogger. You are getting to see lots of snippets of our life, but I feel like Im missing out on recording lots of the other stuff Ive been up to...the stuff I probably would have bloggged about if I wasnt spending my time photographing, editing and bloggin my POD shots.

So (more for my benefit than anything else) this is what else we have been up to over the past few months...

Baby chinos after some shopping with Grandma, Auntie Vic, Georgia & Bailey.

Lots of exciting new things as Isaac started Kindy. He loves borrowing his new book each session.

Ive crocheted a couple of dishcloths and flowers. I turned one flower into a clip for Jazz, but still haven't sewn the ends in the dishcloths so I can use them!

Had a few visits to the beach - totally exhausted three of the kids at least! Nathan is just not a real sleeper in the car.

I took this old dolls house which was on its way from Jodes house to a garage sale...

...with a few repairs and fresh coats of paint, it became Jacintas 2nd birthday present.

It is a real struggle to get Isaac to have a rest during the day now - but some days he really needs it. Sometimes, if he is really tired and grumpy, he will agree to curl up on my bed with me, and he falls asleep in minutes.

The aprons that I made and blogged about a while back were packaged up in a mixing bowl, with lots of other goodies and given to Jess and Luke for their birthdays. They loved them!

We had some frogs living in the water feature under the pergola for a while. The kids loved watching them.

This is how these two play....

and this is how these two play!

Lots of yummy homemade bread

Jazz loves playing dress ups - but only when she puts everything on at once!

Tea parties are a favourite game of Jazz & Isaacs - especially when there is real water to pour and drink.

I finally finished and gifted this play quilt to the gorgeous little Maddie.

I'm loving seeing Isaac's imaginative play bloom now he is at kindy - and seeing his little pink shadow soaking in every little move he makes!

We visited the wildlife park at the big rocking horse. The kids always love feeding the animals.

Jazz & I visited Alison the other day. We came home with a delicious basket of goodies from their garden. There is nothing quite like the smell and taste of freshly picked, home grown veggies. The small of freshly picked carrots always reminds me of helping my Grandpa in the massive veggie garden he had when we were kids.

Nathans is in the yellow team for sports day - try finding something yellow to wear in Miss pinks wardrobe. I ended up re -fashioning two bodysuits into this little number for her. The yellow tie top was a size 000 bodysuit and the striped one a size 1. I just chopped the bottom off and presto new yellow supporters outfit for the day!


Ruth said...

Nic, you life looks so fun lol! the doll house is gorgeous - I can't believe it was heading to the bin. I'll give you a tip with carrots-when you pick them pull the heads off straight away. They don't look as good in photos, but they will be sweeter, because the heads left on will draw the sugars (energy) out of the carrot to survive :-) You have gorgeous kids

Nell said...

Busy girl! Little Miss Maddie loves her play quilt (almost as much as Mummy does LOL!) She has "christened" it with all of the major body fluids now so it spends almost as much time fluttering on the line as it does being used! It is SOOO lovely - thank you :) Looking forward to Tuesday - got pink and yellow velour (sorry - didn't have boyish colours) and picked up everything else we need :)

Mamie Girl said...

Hi there :) That doll house is soooo cute, I wish i had a girl so I could make a doll house- youll be able to tell that from my blog ;) I love the idea of taking a photo a day but I think I wouldnt be able to stick to it :)

Becky said...

So many great things in the one post! I really want to make bread after seeing that photo :)