Monday, March 22, 2010

so the saying goes

'One persons trash is another persons treasure' , and anyone who loves a good rummage through a thrift store or secondhand stall knows how very true that old saying is.

One of the two small tablecloths I picked up at the fair, was today transformed into this bag.

It still needs some sort of closure, Im thinking maybe a magnetic clasp (thanks for the advice, Nell)

I found enough black fabric in my stash for the lining, and it has a small matching fabric pocket on the inside.

I also wanted to share Isaacs gorgeous Easter picture that he did for me Saturday morning.

I dont know if its just my background in child development/teaching etc but I have a real soft spot for childrens art. I particularly LOVE this stage around kindy age where they start to be able to make figures that are instantly recognisable, and so darn cute! Needless to say this is hanging proudly on our lounge room wall for the easter season.


kathie said...

Very nice bag. Wow. You just whipped it up today????

Love the Easter Bunny. I might have to make some subtle suggestions for an Easter Bunny drawing from Jamie :). He's more into drawing robots and aliens!

Ruth said...

Your bag looks great, Nic. One mans trash is another mans treasure!

The Handmaden said...

Love the bag!!
The bunny picture is very cute, I'm with you on children's art, they're so insightful.

Janinek said...

The bag is fabulous. I cant imagine that fabric on a table in my house but the bag is fabulous. Someone else didnt posess your creativity!!

Mamie Girl said...

LOVE that bag- you are too clever ;) Wish my bags ended up that trendy looking- mine end up looking grannyish :)