Saturday, May 29, 2010

lounge room camping

It was cold and wet outside today. Isaac and Jazz were kicking balloons into the pop up soccer goals, which Isaac started using as a cubby. A cubby only big enough for one - of course 2 yr oldtears followed (they seem to be the standard reaction to nearly everything atm!) so I offered to make a blanket cubby.

It looked like a tent, and Isaac decided it needed a campfire outside. A bit of red cellophane and some cardboard sticks took care of that. It was fun listening to just how we needed to make it - he is such a kindy boy now (and they have been making 'campfires' at kindy this week) and knows just what he wants to do, and what he needs to do it with - luckily his request for orange cellophane and rocks to go around the fire were open for discussion. He happily accepted the red cellophane I had in the drawer, but declined my suggestion of using wooden blocks around the edge - "they would burn Mummy"! He choose his beanbags to be rocks instead.

In the kindergartners guide to camping, if you have a camp fire, you MUST have marshmallows on sticks! A quick scrounge through my sewing stash, a few minutes work, and I came up with these.

A piece of rolled up blanket wrapped in pink felt, tied with a ribbon and popped onto the end of a wooden skewer. "I love your great ideas Mummy, these are cool marshmallows"

Even Teddy got in on the action and toasted a marshmallow.

We even had some visiting wildlife. This bird has been hanging around all week.

It seems fascinated with the new glass we have had installed in the front door side light and loves coming up and knocking on it - much to the children's delight. We sat watching it some and go through the window as we toasted marshmallows on the fire.

Once this game was over they were desperate to get outside - of course it was raining. If its a nice sunny day they don't want to set foot out the door, its raining and they HAVE to go outside to play.

I rugged them up popped on their raincoats and let them go - they had a ball...for about 5 minutes! It took longer than that to get them ready to go out!!!! But they had a great time!


Shan said...

i LOOOOOOOVE the marshmallows!! what a fab idea for indoor camping... looks like a lot of fun :)

Car said...

Yum, those marshmellows look good enough to eat :)

Yay to indoor camping - no dirt, no smoke, no cold weather to deal with!

Jenny said...

oh that looks so snuggly and fun, I just love blanket cubbies! ..and the marshmallows look edible, you are so clever ;)!

Mamie Girl said...

Issac was showing his piccys at kindy- soooooooo cute. Gotta agree those mashmellows look so fun!
Was totally thinking about starting a quilt today (even though ive never made one) so i will be watching to see how yours goes :)