Monday, May 10, 2010

PIF #1

Last year I joined in with a pay it forward that was hosted by Car, and held my own blog PIF as part of that. I finally got around to getting my first PIF gift completed and sent off. Now that its arrived I will share it with you. I made this pin cushion and needle case for Nat - you will probably recognise the thrifted fabric, the same as I made my bag from recently. I also popped some cute little heart topped pins, needles, a quick unpick, and some tiny 'just in case' scissors to finish it off.

Thanks for being part of my PIF Nat, and I hope you loved your gift as much as I loved making it for you!


Nat said...

I love love love it Nic! Thanks so much hun!!

kpmidd said...

Hi Nic,
My name's Karen and I'm a friend of Nell's! She's put me onto your blog and I'm loving it! I just had to say that I just love the little needle case - I don't suppose you have the instructions anywhere? I'm just learning to sew (with a little help from Nell) and I'm thinking it might be a good beginner's project for me maybe?

luciana said...

What an amazinhg set. Beautiful print.