Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a winter dress & PIF #2 sneak peek

Yesterday I made this winter dress for Jazz.
(excuse the quality of the pics, it was way too cold to contemplate going outside to take them, although she did decide to add pink and purple gumboots and a pink knitted beanie to the outfit and go outside later on!)
The denim has been cut from a ladies skirt I got from the op shop. Its a lovely soft denim (it was a designer label skirt with a $2 op shop price tag!), with a nice stretch to it. I added a little cuff of the denim to the sleeve as well. Got to love the fact it was all pre hemmed for me too! Can you tell Im really enjoying turning all these op shop bargains into new clothing etc!!!

The denim doesn't hang as nicely as I hoped, I might try making the gathering a little looser and see if that helps. I think this design is more for softer flowing fabrics, but it looks cute and seems really comfy. There was also enough fabric left, complete with waist band, darts and invisible zipper to make her a denim skirt as well. I will share that one once Ive done the hem and taken some photos.

Since my sewing mojo had returned, I also made a start on my next PIF - here is a sneak peek - its all spots and ruffles, and like Jacinta's new dress, it also started its life as a ladies denim skirt. Its finished, and waiting to be packed up and sent off - you better email me your address Shan!


Becky said...

What a wonderful dress refashion, you are too clever!

Christie said...

Great dress! I love the look of your PIF too (what is a PIF?) can't wait to see it all revealed!

The Handmaden said...

It looks beautiful, great re-purposing!
Can you send some sew mojo vibes my way, I'm struggling here!

Nat said...

That's just gorgeous Nic! And I can't wait to see the rest of Shan's PIF!!!! Looks delightful!

luciana said...

I love this dress. So cute!

Shan said...

hi nic
i'm just making my way through a million blog posts i haven't read this week.... i love love love this dress... so gorgeous and so is your little princess :)

i've emailed my address... i cannot wait to see it... i love the sneak peak... yay how much fun


Aunt Spicy said...

how creative to make the dress out of a skirt! thanks for visiting my blog, its so fun to meet new bloggers!