Saturday, May 29, 2010

she quilts, and PIF #2

OK technically Ive only been getting some cutting done, but at least its something. I thought Id share all the gorgeous 4"squares Ive been cutting for my scrap quilt.

Ive raided my scraps as well as had some generous contributions from the scrap piles of a couple of my quilting buddies, Anna & Ruth. I'm loving the huge variety of patterns and prints I'm accumulating for this project (and am so thankful for your help in achieving this girls!). At this point I'm planning on alternating the coloured squares with plain white and having a totally random layout with the colours. I will see how I go with that bit - I'm not good at random, I tend to start over thinking it!

My second PIF has arrived at its destination. Now that Shan has it, I can show you what I made for her. An Apron - refashioned from a denim skirt, trimmed with lots of spots and ruffles.

Excuse it being a bit large on my little model!


Shan said...

i love it so so so much!!! thanks nic :)

ps i'm still trying to get a minute or 30 to go through my scraps for you xxx

The Handmaden said...

Your quilt is looking great, love the mish mash of colour.
Lucky you Shan, pretty apron!