Saturday, January 08, 2011

getting organised...again

For the past few years I have designed and printed my own diary. This year Ive decided to give a pre made one a go. Mooo have one that can be personalised with up to six names, so that's what I got.

Its cute, and it has space for each of us. I'm already missing the block of space at the top for notes and family activities that my old diary included though. I will keep working with it and see how it goes. Of course I couldn't resist the temptation to personalise it just a little. I loved the monthly tabs on last years diary, so I gently removed them and added them onto this years, and added the little heart to the front as well.

I also ordered some book plates for my increasing stash of craft books.

I looked around at lots of different ones, but ended up using the return address labels from Vista print. You can usually pick then up free, just pay a few dollars postage and there are 140 of them. There are heaps of pre designed ones, but I choose to use the blank template and vista prints clip art and design my own. I have also customised these in the past to use as name labels for the kids, and some 'book plates' as a gift for a friend who regularly lends me some of her envious stash of crafty titles.