Monday, January 17, 2011

playground adventures #1

Bythorne Park Nairne

As part of my getting outside more challenge (ie the lets try and get my vitamin D levels back up to normal challenge) I decide that I would try and visit a few of the playgrounds around the area with Isaac & Jacinta.
When my sister sent me a message the other night to see if we wanted to go to a playground not far from her I jumped at the chance.

We woke to a foggy, cool morning. Its the middle of summer, so we were confident that by the time we met there at 9.30am the fog would have lifted.
NOT! I had to put the windscreen wipers on as we neared the playground - in fact when I eventually got home at about midday, it was still foggy!

Since I had driven the 15 minutes to get there, we put on our brave faces (Vic & I that is, the kids neither noticed nor cared what the weather was like!) and went for a play.

The playground is situated next to a man made lake and has a beautiful outlook (well what we could see through the fog), on a nice warm day it would be beautiful exploring the garden areas, following the paths, and playing under the sleeper tepees.

Bailey loved the steps, apart from a few seconds checking out the equipment, these kept him busy the whole time we were there LOL

The kids all LOVED banging on the drums

playing peek a boo around the posts

feeding the ducks


riding the rocket

and playing spiderman games on the giant web.
Vic wasn't up there voluntarily, she was rescuing Isaac who got himself stuck!

So what did we think? 7/10
Its a lovely area. The playground equipment is probably most suited to pre-schoolers and older rather than toddlers, but there was enough space and natural play areas to keep the littlest ones busy. There was an under cover BBQ area up away from the lake, and as an added bonus we even got to see a train go through on the nearby tracks! Plenty of parking, and public toilets (although miraculously no one needed to use them!) Defiantly worth a visit.


The Handmaden said...

I love the atmosphere of a foggy day! You're right - it doesn't matter the weather for the children, they just love to be there.

kpmidd said...

Amazing! We ended up at that same park the other day! My boys loved it.