Monday, January 10, 2011

A glimpse into the future?

3.07pm - She spent about 20 min talking on the phone to her cousin Georgia this afternoon. My sister and I both put the phones on hands free so we can listen in on the conversation. It was hilarious. I don't think either of them actually listened to much the other said, they were both to busy trying to say their bit. Jazz had to wander around as she chatted - she even 'took' Georgia into her bedroom to talk about her new kitchen! Very cute, and they both thought they were pretty special.

6.27pm - she was laying quietly doing some drawing when she suddenly rushed to her room. She returned to her spot, phone to her ear and chatted away for a few minutes before carefully placing the phone next to her book and resuming her artistic pursuits!

She loves the telephone. It rings and she wants to talk. If an object is around about the right size and shape, she puts it to her ear and starts chatting away. The wii remotes are a favourite 'phone', and can often be found in use. TV remotes, small boxes, even the occasional shoe have become victim to her obsession. In her Christmas stocking there was a plastic mobile phone - she loves it! I'm thinking that by the time she gets to the teenage years, she will probably have a phone permanently attached to her ear - I'm sure it wont be the freebie or $2 plastic version that is in favour now either, I'm betting it will be something that needs a constant stream of money to keep it functioning...perhaps I should start her on a savings plan now to fund her telephone habits during the up coming years!!!


The Handmaden said...

Very cute!

MY SPACE said...

Love it!!!