Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wednesdays Photo Shoot

Another busy week in our household. Wednesday my sister asked me to take some pics of her kids, for a suprise they are putting together for her DHs birthday this month. I decided to go all out and try a full on photo shoot.
It was actually quite fun, I set up in my playroom, and although the lighting wasnt the best, and I need to work on getting to know how to use the manual settings on my camera heaps better, I was really happy with the results. I have to have a play around with photo editing etc as the white back drop was a bit ordinary (the back of my curtains LOL) but this is my favorite shot of my nephew Luke...he is at such a beautiful age to photograph - old enough to follow some direction, but still young enough that you can capture that natural innocence that children have before they start getting really self concious in front of the camera. I played around in the VERY basic editing programme that came with me camera and came up with this - DH looked at it and commented that you couldnt see his arm GGGRRRRR rain on my parade why doesnt he!!! I loved the effect!!!

Also thought I would share a LO I did a while ago. I borrowed Michelles copy of Love your handwriting and the night I read it I was inspired to create this LO - it was quite fun. It was more of an experiment than a 'real' LO, but Im happy with the results. And its great that I was able to capture the feelings that I had as soon as I has read the book. I think Ive hit a point in my scrapping now that Ive realised that I dont have to scrap every single photo I have, and I dont have to scrap every event. I will just scrap what inspires me - it might be a great photo or a precious memory, it might be something we did today, or it might be a heritage photo of my great grand parents. I dont want to have to scrap things that dont inspire at the time. Its OK to keep my photos in albums as well as scrap fact Im planning on having all the pics Ive taken of Isaac printed off to put in one of those slide in abums as well as having his scrapped baby book. I will never scrap many of the 'ordinary' photos that I have taken, but they are just as important and still are part of his life. Im raving now so I will move on...

(GGGRRRRRR :0( blogger wont let me upload any more pics so I will put it in another post)


Katie Toland said...

Gorgeous pics Nic! Well done