Wednesday, April 19, 2006

five months today

I cant believe my little man is already five months old! Thats nearly half a year since we were blessed with the arrival our third baby boy, and I couldnt imagine my life any other way.
If you dont want to be bored with the whole run down of what he is upto these days skip the whole next (long) paragraph LOL Basically though the entire letter below could be summed up by this gorgeous quote I came across the other day...
You are more perfect than I could have hoped
more beautiful than I could have dreamed
more precious than I could have imagined
I love you more than I could have known

To my sweet little bubba,
The last five months have just flown by, and its hard to imagine our lives with out you in it. You are such a sweet and placid little baby. About the only time we hear your cry is when you get hungry, or something gives you a fright. You are still fully breast fed, and I treasure the special time that feeding gives just the two of us...Ive got to admit that Im a little over the middle of the night feeds now though ( there are nights when you manage to get through with out one, and these are happening more often) although sometimes I think its easier to give you a middle of the night feed and have you sleep soundly for the rest of the night, rather than having an empty tummy and stirring and calling out every hour or so because you have lost your dummy. You are reaching out to grab toys, and even manage to hold them for a while, you are fascinated by the TV, and absolutely adore your brothers, you chew on anything you can get into your mouth and although you have rolled from your tummy to your back, you dont do it much at all. You obviously recognise the people that you see often, and are just starting to tuck your head into my shoulder and pretend to be shy when people speak to you. You LOVE your bath and are fascinated by the tiny bubbles, amazed by the little toes that keep popping out of the water, and very excited by the big splashes you can make with your hands and feet. You love getting a rub after your bath and especially like having your feet rubbed, and having some nappy free time in front of the fire after your bath. You go to bed somwhere between 6pm & 7pm (depending on when you had an afternoon nap) you sometimes have a 10pm feed, but often if I dont wake you, you will sleep soundly till around 2ish before you want another. You wake somewhere between 6am & 7am for a feed - usually snuggled up in my bed. I love the beautiful smile you give me first thing in the morning, and the funny little talking noises you make. The latest is like a squeeky little sucking in of air - too cute!! You love giving mummy big sloppy 'kisses' on the cheek and are a real snuggle bunny. You have had several bottles of expressed breast milk and drunk these from a bottle with no problems. You really enjoy going out walking in the pram, but dont much like sitting around in it when its stationary. We put up the swing we gave you for christmas last weekend and you were so happy swinging away in it. You are still sleeping in your cradle and snuggle your teddy while you sleep. You bring so much joy to our lives and we love you so much my sweet little man.
All my love
Mummy xxx
I have also been busy scrapping. Here are a couple of the LOs. I was going to keep all my work to have a big choice for my masters entry, but then when I looked at it all I realised that quite a few used the chip chatter tall letters, so I did a bit of a cull already. The first is of Nath playing golf.
This next one is of Angies (Isaacs god mother) gorgeous little girl Zyla - dont you just LOVE those curls!!! Hope you like it Ange!!! I used an outline of a framedangoe (or what ever they are called LOL) to make the bit at the bottom.

Last one that I can share is the photo I shared a couple of posts ago of my nephew Lucas - hes a real cutie too!

Everyone needs to pop into the new forum at Scrapbook station and say Hi. Ill be watching to see who drops in LOL. Keep an eye on their home page each week for new LOs from the awesome DT as well. I so happy with my next one - the theme was mothers (easy topic for me atm !!!) You can check it out here at the end of the month.

Thanks for sticking with me if you made it this far. Hope you all had a wonderful easter...after that mammoth post I dont think Ill even start about my easter - except to say it was filled with family and friends, eating, drinking and going to church, and was really relaxing and enjoyable few days.


Janine K said...

Hey I love your layouts here! And have you seen the latest SM??? Your Christening LO has been upgraded to the full page at the front of the section!! WTG!!!

kathie said...

Well done with the forward planning if you can cull LOs already. My!
Aww, I got all emotional reading your letter to Isaac. He and J are so much the same (to be expected when they're only 2 days apart). I haven't written a letter to J this month yet. Maybe I'll cheat and just copy and paste yours ;)
Oh, and we're back to night feeds now, you'll be relieved to know :o

Michelle Perry said...

That was a beautiful letter Nic. Isaac is absolutely gorgeous.

Ditto Janine's comment! Well done on a full page Woohoo!!!

And Zyla is just beautiful, those curls are stunning!

Katie Toland said...

Wow Nic, your letter to Isaac is gorgeous (I got over the night feeds too, they went on for far too long, although I do miss them occasionally now LOL)Your layouts are great too. You are so organised. I am such a chicken with comps and have never entered. Wouldn't even know when they are due etc. Good luck!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Nic............what a gorgeous letter to your son! One day he'll get tears in his eyes too when he reads what his mummy has written.

Love your work!


Mel Diener said...

Nic, these layouts are all gorgeous. I can't believe you have enough to start culling already lol. I haven't even decided if I'm entering yet, that'll alone started scrapping for it rofl.

I love your letter, it's such a precious thing to do for your gorgeous little man.

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh Nic. I can't believe he's already 5 months old! Gosh the time sure does fly doesn't it. In only 5 weeks I too will have my own little bundle, and its creeping up faster than I can get myself organised I think.

What a wonderful letter! I am going to go write one from now, when I get home... what a wonder to read all the things he's interested in and doing. A great way to preseve those precious little memories that so easily fade. Makes me so excited about my coming little joy reading what your little man is doing.

All the best, Nat xx

P.S. Beautiful layouts too! I like the one you've done on the Heidi Swapp book... man, I really need to get back into some scrapping. I feel so uncreative at the moment, but have had very little time to fit it in, or no decent photos to scrap. Oh well.