Monday, April 03, 2006

blue eyed bubbies

I think I need a holiday to get over my busy weekend LOL. Friday night after sports day the boys had a friend over each for a sleep over. The second half of sports day got cancelled due to the rain so I had them all from Friday afternoon. I didnt know that boys could giggle so much - they didnt stop. They decided that they wanted pizza for tea and devoured a whole party size in no time (Craig and I had a couple of pieces each). Craig headed off to the airport to fly to Melbourne for the weekend for the Grand Prix. The kids were really good, noisy but good!
We had pancakes for breaky Saturday morning and hot dogs for lunch - I think they had more crap food than they usually have in a month, but what the heck it was their first time having kids for a sleep over, so I wanted it to be fun. Saturday night we went to my girl friends for tea.

Sunday we eventually got organised and headed down to Kates for a bit of a get together and scrap. Kate was so nice and Georgia is just adorable. Kathie and Jamie were there as well.

This is a pic of Isaac, Georgia & Jamie. They are just too cute - well we think so anyway!!! as you would probably have realised if you visit our blogs LOL. I and J were only born two days apart, and G is about 6 months older than them - she is such a beautiful and petite little thing and our boofy boys (well mine is definately the boofiest LOL) are as big as she is already !!!! They all have the most gorgoeus blue eyes. G didnt know who to look at when she was plonked between the boys. She kept looking from one to the other. What a task it is to try and get three babies all even looking toward you at the same time, let alone trying to get them to smile on cue!!!

Thanks for a wonderful day and a yummy lunch Kate, and thanks to Jeff for being so cool about having a house full of woman and kids while he tried to watch TV and get stuff done LOL. It was great to meet you all. I didnt get much scrapping done, but I got a couple of 'those' LO stuck down that were half finished on my desk, so I did achieve something. I also met Kates lovely sister Jane who is due to give birth REALLY soon - all the best Jane! It was great to get together and chat about our passions - scrapping & babies!!!

Ive got Kathie, Mel, Michelle & hopefully Kate coming for lunch at my place on Friday. Can't wait! I just love getting together with these gorgeous girls!


kathie said...

I just love that photo! Didn't we do well with the colour co-ordination! Anyone would think we rang each other before and planned. Now, that would be such a scrapbooking mummy type of thing to do, wouldn't it, lol!
You would have slept real well on Sunday night after that exhausting weekend! And with the knowledge that you got one of those LOs finished finally :)

Trish Reed said...

How wondeful for you all to get together, that would have been so much fun, my two favourite things too scrapbooing and babies.

Janine K said...

What a social butterfly you guys are! I bet you had the best time.

Chris Millar said...

Lucky you guys all catching up! Sounds like a wonderful day and now you get to do it all again! YAY!

Roz said...

OMG, how totally gorgeous are these bubbas?!!!! LOL, Georgia looks a bit unsure of Isaac there!!