Saturday, April 08, 2006

LOs to share, Happy Anniversary & Thanks girls

Here it 'tis...
I will also share this one. Its a quicky I did the other night with the pics of Jamie and Isaac I took at Kates last wekend. I wanted to use all three pics, and printed them out a bit big so its not a stunning LO by any means...but I still love the photos!!

Ive finished off about 6 LO to chose from for my masters entry. The details are going to be in
SM 7.10. Im living in hope that they will have changed it and I wont need to do BTP or accent LOL - dont fancy my chances.

Its our 11th wedding anniversary today - I dont know where time goes. I can remember when I thought it seemed like forever to have been married for that long (mmmm come to think of it, it does feel like that at times LOL!) and now here we are 11 years and three children later. I couldnt be happier though. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family. We are off to tea with my youngest sister and her DH tonight. Wanted to go out with them before their first little bub arrives, and since he/she is due in four weeks (Oh how exciting - cant wait to be an auntie again!) we may as well make it tonight!

Congrats to Rozzie & Clint on their wedding anniversary today too. Big Hugs guys. Hope you have an wonderful day.

Lastly thanks so much to Michelle, Kathie & Mel for a fantastic day yesterday. We all got together for lunch at my place. Four adults and, by the time my two got home from school, 8 kids. It was great to sit around, eat, drink, chat and just relax for the day. Gotta do it again soon girls...and hopefully Kate will be able to make it too.

thats it from me.
Nic xxx


kathie said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! 11 years *is* a long time, lol. And thanks for yesterday. I had such a great time, sitting out on the patio with you girls - in the sunshine with J on my knee. Isn't scrapping great when it introduces you to great friends! We really should get together more often.
Well you know I love the photos from your photo shoot the other day, from the way I was gushing over them on your 'puter.
And how could I not love the LO of the three bubs. They look so cute lined up together on Kate's couch :).
Have a great night tonight.

steph caskey devlin said...

Nicole, LOVE LOVE LOVE your handwriting layout. You are so brave. I hate my handwriting with a passion and at the moment trying to get my handwriting happening, but it is never good enough. I gotta stop comparing it to other funky stuff, and just take the plunge.

Congratulations on your 11th wedding anniverysary so glad to hear your happy and madly in love.

Steph xx

Mel Diener said...

Woohoo, Congrats on your annivarsary. You should have told me, I would have bought champers on Friday lol. That would have been good, driving home through the hills lol.

Thanks for Friday, it was so great to catch up again and such a nice relaxing day. We definately need to do it again soon.

Katie Toland said...

How funny that you, Roz and I all have the same anniversary! Hope you had a great dinner. Your layouts are beautiful. Doesn't Jamie look like Kathie in those pics! The bubs looks so cute together. Hope you had a great time at Kates too.