Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good
Isaac rolled from his back to his front for the first time today - what a clever little boy (Well i think so anyway LOL)

We got our computer back today an have had XP installed (we were in the dark ages and still running with windows 98 before) also have photoshop, a DVD burner, cordless keyboard and mouse, more HD space and more memory - all I need is some time to work out how it all works LOL.

The Bad
XP is so different to 98, and its taking me a bit to work out where everything is, and to set things to just how I like them. Im sure I will get used to it, and as you can see the inportant things like the emails and internet are all just fine.

I did loose all the contents of my address book though, so if you read this could you please send me off an email with all your details so I can update it - Ta!

The Ugly
Craigs MYOB is giving us grief - we had the disc so it wasnt reinstalled by the friend that did the computer for us, and we are hoping all we need is in his back up disc to put all the info in once we reinstall it!!! Hopefully we can get it all sorted in the next few days!

I couldnt believe how many times in just two days I felt the overwhelming need to check my emails, or use the computer for something....hard to imagine life without it!!! sad but true!!!

There is still another five days of school holidays - Im ready to have a little more time for me really soon!

Nic xxx
PS - Ill get to that tag next time Michelle!


Janine Koczwara said...

Hmmm Computers are a blessing and a curse all in one! LOL! Good luck with getting it all sorted and I think I sent you an email this morning so my work here is done!

kathie said...

Hope you get the computer sorted, Nic!

Ruthy said...

Your bubby is sooooo cute and growing so fast!
Computers you gotta love hey? The vain of our existance!

Mel Diener said...

Yay, you have more POWER lol, isn't it great.

Will send an email now.