Wednesday, October 04, 2006

half way

I cant believe that we are half way through the first week of the school holidays already.

We had a great weekend. went to Sabine & Petes for a bonfire Friday night, and ended up back there for a leg of lamb cooked in the camp oven in the coals again Saturday night - yummo as usual.
Isaac felt really hot when we were leaving at about 11am, he had seemed fine at 6.30pm when I put him down to bed. He ended up having a really restless night, and despite a couple of doses of panadol still had a high temp and was really lethargic Sunday, so off to the doctor we went. We are really lucky here, there is always a doctor on call in the local area - thankfully it was our own GP on Sunday. Its a non specific virus, but its really knocked him around.
We had Craigs family for lunch, so there was plenty of willing arms for my poor little bubba to lay in while he was awake. All he has wanted is to be held, he is so restless while he is sleeping even, and his little mouth clamps shut and he shakes his head as soon as he sees the panadol syringe!

He has been off his food since Saturday night, and Im really having to ensure he keeps up his fluids, as he isnt really all that interested. Needless to say its been a long few nights and days. He has of course lost weight cause he isnt eating - not that you can really tell LOL, but I noticed tonight when I put a pair of trackies on him they fitted well - I was ready to put them in the too small box last week as they were far too tight around his belly.

This morning Nath woke up feeling like crap so off to the doc with them both - same viral thing, although its not knocking him nearly as much!

Isaac seemed to be picking up on Monday, so as it was a long weekend we headed off to the wetlands for a couple of hours with Sabine & Pete, as they had promised to take the boys bike riding. Craig and I went walking with Isaac while they rode. It was such a beautiful day, and a great way to spend it.

I have a couple of LOs to share finally. They have been done for a few challenges/comps etc and a couple have been picked up by SM.

This first one is of my neice Georgia. She looks so serious in the photo! but I love it anyway. All the embellishing is done with those temporary kids tattoos. Im really not good with using circles on my LOs, but Im thrilled with the way this turned out.

Next is a double of Isaac - youve already seen some of these photos on my blog before.

Isaac again, using some photos from his 10 month photo shoot I did last week (or was it the week before??) - and yes I managed to squeeze another (little) circle onto this one LOL

And last but not least a LO from the latest Scrapbook Station DT brief - decorative edges. Isaacs baby book is going to be bulging at the seems LOL

I do still scrap Caleb & Nath, Im nearly finished one of C on my desk now - its just so much more of a challenge lately, it takes a while to do something Im happy with. Im finding the little boy LOs so much easier!

As you can see Im lovin' the whole white background thing atm too! And being on the very limited budget that I am right now, Ive just been using the inserts from my page protectors! I can remember a year or so ago that thought would have horrified me, in fact using anything but bazzill would have horrified me. Thankfully Ive gotten over my cardstock snobbery and I figure it does the same job so why not!!! More to spend on other yummy stuff this way....speaking of which, I dont think I shared my yummy little stash from my birthday money shopping spree, so here 'tis...Lots for my EDM album, and a few other bits and pieces.


Roz said...

oh Nic so sorry to hear that Isaac has been unwell. I hope he's back to normal soon.

And well being on a 'budget' for scrapping certainly doesn't inhibit your creativity!! WOW these LO's are incredible!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Shazz said...

hope your boys men are back on deck really soon nic. being sick really s*cks and being the mother of a sick child s*cks even more (if you hadn't guessed i don't do "sick" well...LOL)

those LOs are jaw-dropping, drop dead gorgeous nic...i just LOVE the one of your niece...i am all inspired now. just gotta find some time to scrap

enjoy the rest of the holidays with your boys


Mel said...

Nic, those photos of (not so little) Isaac are just gorgeous - he really is a little cutie! And those layouts are just WOW! I always use the inserts from my page protectors when I want a white background... you end up with so many of them!
Hope all your boys are feeling better and look after yourself too!

Mel Diener said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous layouts are on such a roll. I'm loving these cleaner styled layouts you've been doing lately..fabulous my friend.

Hope the boys get better soon.

Fiona Taylor said...

Hi Nic, I'm an occassional visitor to your blog and many others for the amazing inspiration they provide, and just wanted to tell you that these recent ones are just gorgeous!

Sorry also that you have had sick's that change of season time again and kids are falling ill everywhere at the moment. Hope they are on the mend soon! Please feel free to ignore the following (unsolicited) advice...but don't be too worried if your son refuses the panadol. There have been some studies recently which have shown that administering panadol to reduce a fever actually slows the healing process, and that the temp is the bodies way of increasing it's production of antibodies. Feel free to check with your doc, but we've heard it recently from our own doctor as well as one of the doctors at flinders medical emergency. Thought it was worth sharing anyway :)

Lydell Quin said...

Wow Nic, these are just stunning Layouts! Love tha Miss georgia one, and your decorative edges one is really cool. Mmm mmm!
Can't believe how much Isaac has grown! Hopre your little ones are feeling a little better by now. Thanks for sharing your work. I love checking it out.

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh loving all thse layouts Nic - esp the last two - I too love the white backgrounds atm, in fact I have to MAKE myself use different colours.... just love the clean look. I really love what you've done with that dec border and Isaac's ten months shoot - gorgeous!!