Thursday, September 24, 2009

19 months

To my sweet little princessLast week you spent your first ever night away from Mummy, in fact it was four nights. I went away with Sabine to celebrate her 40th birthday, and you and the boys stayed home with Daddy. I had people to take care of you each day while he worked and everyone said you were such a good girl. It was lovely to have a break, but it was also great to come home to your gorgeous smiling face. I didnt get in until midnight, and when I went in to check on you, you were standing up in your cot. The way your face lit up when you saw me just melted my heart. I love you so much sweetie!

The happenings of this month...

You walk everywhere now- its hard to imagine you crawling for so long. You love to try and run and chase Isaac around the house - much to his delight. You try to jump. You bend your knees and spring up looking so proud of yourself. I dont think you realise that your feet are even supposed to leave the ground. You can climb up onto the cubby house. You have a facsination with shoes and hats. You are always getting our shoes out and trying to put them on, I spend the whole day putting away odd shoes from around the house!
You are starting to play lots of little games now. Most of them are imitating what Mummy or Isaac are doing. You have such fun pretending to be a dog, zooming around like an aeroplane, being cranky the crane and putting the toys in the box, playing chasey, peek a boo and hide and seek. You love playing tickling games together. If you really want to annoy him, you just go up and grab handfuls of his hair and wont let go - he gets really upset, it must hurt him a lot....unfortunately you think its rather funny and it does the job of getting his attention very effectively. We may have a little work to do on your social interactions. Isaac starts pre entry kindy next term - you are really going to miss him.

You have just started to become a bit more competitive for my attention. If Isaac is up on my lap having cuddles, you want to be up there too. If he comes over and gives me a kiss, you are never far behind, lips puckered up wanting your turn in the spotlight.

Now that you are so mobile, getting some nice photos of you is becoming quite difficult. Luckily your not confident climbing down off things yet, so I can still sit you up on something and click away quickly until you get fed up with me.
We spent Fathers Day at Glenelg with Daddys side of the family. I tried to arrange a family photo while we were wandering around the marina after lunch - this is the best we could manage!

Mummy celebrated her birthday and we had a gorgeous cake made by Nathan and Isaac before you went off to bed. You definately know what cake is - you were very excited!

I got your cot quilt back from being quilted and Im about to put the binding on it. I popped it in your bed to see what it looked like and you loved all the little birdies on it - you kept trying to kiss and cuddle them, it was very cute.
You had your second haircut this month. You probably had about an inch off the back. Im going to start to grow it longer now that its thickened up and the sides are gettng some length to them. ( I dont always take my camera to the hairdresser - Isaac still loves taking photos and its a great way to keep him amused while we are there - he snapped this shot of you getting your hair cut.)

Your love of books has intensified. I bought you the book 'I went walking' from the airport on the way home from Perth. (I cant believe that over the past 2o ish years of collecting childrens books we didnt own that book!) I love the story, and even though I know it by heart as Ive read it SO many times over the years, I think after the past few days, Im probably quoting it in my sleep. You love the green duck and say 'cack, cack' every time that page comes up. Your other favourite book is 'Say goodnight', it was given to Caleb for his first Christmas by Auntie Helen - it always makes me smile when I think of how many times its been read to all of you over that time. You still only say a few words that are understandable, but Im noticing more and more that the babble is starting to form the patterns that will soon become distinguishable words, then sentences and then the non stop chatter of full blown speech.

I love you so much my sweet baby girl

Mummy xxx

.....and one last photo, just because! The weather has been a bit wierd lately, we get thunder storms, freezing cold nights, and then out of no where we had a 30 degree day - perfect for wearing the dress Mummy made. Only trouble was there were the biggest gusts of wind every now and then, you and Isaac thought they were very very funny, especially when they were nearly blowing you over!


Nell said...

Gorgeous post Nic! Cannot believe that Isaac is a kindy boy already!!! I heard that they already have a kindy president sussed for next year too (hee hee!?!) have to catch up soon. xxx