Monday, September 07, 2009


Today my beautifully machine quilted cot quilt was personally delivered home by the lovely Sharon from Patchwork on Parade .- now I just have to bind it...I had planned on binding it in the same pink as the backing fabric, but after seeing how pretty the quilting pattern on the back looks, I think I might use the other patterned fabric I originally got to be in the quilt. That way it will look prettier on the reverse side too!

After flapping around in the breeze while I tried to get a photo, I tried it on the cot - Jazz wanted to hop in, and was facsinated by the quilting and all the little birdies...she kept wanting to cuddle them...
...soooooo cute.

I also took the chance to get a photo of Calebs quilt that I made him way back when I started making quilts. I made it for his 5th birthday (in 2002) - he still loves it and will often curl up on it watching TV or playing his DS.

I also planned one for Nathans 5th birthday - well thats been a WIP ever since - only problem was I discovered scrapbooking (and had another two babies) and the quilt making took a back seat. The top has been complete, except for finishing a bit of the blanket stitching around the appliques, for really must get finished once I get the cot quilt and the DQS done. Im so enthused right now Im even going to have a go and machine quilt it myself!

I will leave you with this image of my little princess - Isaac let her outside to play with him the other morning. Like everyone of my kids the first thing she heads for is water ~ of course the muddier the better. Got to love that Id only dressed her about 20 minutes prior to this. The fine bark chips and dirt were all through her clothes and even inside her nappy, she was soaked through everything - it was a bath job ~ which excited her as that was more water to play in...needless to say she was not impressed when she realised that Mummy was just washing her down in the bath and didnt even put the plug in !
She was very proud of herself though - she was stomping in yet another icy cold puddle (with her bare little feet) she had discovered up there when I took this picture!


Becky said...

The quilting, and the quilt look perfect :) I agree about using the different binding.

My Miss loves water as well and is often wet after being outside.

Nat said...

The quilt looks lovely Nic! And what a gorgeous quilting pattern there is. I can't wait to see the room all set up!!

The Handmaden said...

They're both lovely quilts, isn't it amazing the difference it makes once its been quilted, I like the pattern on the cot quilt.