Tuesday, September 01, 2009

HE sews

OK, this one knows the way to his Mummys heart. Last night we were chatting about a school project Nath has to do for technology - they have to design and make a toy, he had choosen a puzzle, but commented that he could have made a teddy or something like that, but he couldnt sew. Of course my ears pricked up.
I showed him some pictures of some softies and his face lit up "can you show me how to sew Mum?" Craig was out, Calebs on camp and the little ones were asleep - how could I refuse!
He looked through and drew a picture of one that he liked as a pattern. He cut it out from felt and I showed him how to hand sew - he did a great job, and sat stitching for about 45 min. I had to help a couple of times and it was tough going in a few places - we put a bit of glue on the pieces to hold them while he stitched - BAD idea...mental note to self - not easy to stitch through glue!!!!
He only had the stripe and the eye patch to go when he asked if he could try sewing the stripe with the machine - he did a great job with this too - after straight stitching the stripe, he then zig zagged it as well, and then managed to zig zag around the eye patch too.
While the machine was out he stitched around the outside, stuffed him, and closed him up - he started hand stitching around the outside and is going to finish that at school today. All up it only took him about 2 hours to get this far - pretty good effort I think. Im really glad he is going to hand stitch around the outside as well - there is something really appealing to me about the way kids stitch - its not easy to relpicate the look of the stitching of a child - its so careful, yet random - very cute! Oh and he still plans on making the puzzle as well!
I will post an updated picture of him when he is finished and when Nathan has decided on a name!


Nat said...

Oh that's too cute!! He looks gorgeous! Well done Nathan!

Nell said...

You've gotta love this kid! Way to go Nath (always knew he had talent!)