Thursday, September 03, 2009

Vote to win

As I mentioned previously, this photo of Caleb & Nath has made the finals of the centro smile competition.

The next round of voting involves a peoples choice winner from each centre…online voting opened this morning, so for all of those asking how you can vote for them, here is the link

Alternatively if you are near St Agnes, you can also view the photos and vote there!

Hopefully Im going to take the boys down to see themselves on Saturday – what do you think the chances of them standing next to the enlargement in the middle of the shopping mall so Mum can get a photo are ? I think Im going to have to come up with some serious bribery to pull that one off LOL

Thanks for your support…This part of the competition is based purely on the public votes for each centre. I know the boys would be very excited if we could actually manage to collect enough votes to win – we really need all your help (votes) to even be in with a chance!!!

Let the voting begin


Katie Toland said...

ahhh I love reading your blog nic... even if it does take me 3hrs, two breastfeeds, a school pickup and snack making break and a cup of tea (for me) to get through the last few posts LOL

We have such similar tastes. I wish we lived closer, I'd love to have a cuppa with you, and share photo/sewing/home/crafty stories.

Katie Toland said...

oh and forgot to say, as soon as I track down your pic, you'll have my vote for sure.