Saturday, April 03, 2010

one step closer

Yesterday saw us move one step closer to having no trace of 'babyness' left in our household.
I'm not quite ready to move her into a big bed yet, but during her day sleeps she often calls out wanting to go to the potty, she is close to not needing nappy's during her day sleeps, and the only thing stopping me trying is that she cant get out of her cot if she needs to go.

I had thoughts of getting a toddler bed so that I could keep using the cot mattress and linen, but decided I may as well just take the drop side off the cot. Little Miss was very excited as she helped me convert her cot to a 'big girls' bed yesterday.
She got straight in and tried it out - accompanied by dummy, blankie and Ethel of course!

She came out a few times when I put her to bed last night, but as soon as I popped the baby gate across her door, and she realised that she couldn't come out of her room, she hopped back into bed and went to sleep. I took it down once she was asleep, and apart from one little wander at about 11pm, she slept soundly all night. I couldn't resist this quick photo at about 9.30pm.

The only downside to the whole process so far - the two little visitors we had in our bed at 7am this morning! But I didn't really mind that!!!!


Charmaine said...

it sure doesnt take long for the kids to grow up Nicole.....ahhh those were the days!