Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative frenzy

In the past couple of days the creative urge has been strong. Ive been very good though, Ive kept up with the housework, been an attentive Mummy, and Ive stolen every possible 'free' moment to make stuff! Ive fallen into bed each night (way too late) totally exhausted, but with a smile on my face, and a warm glow in my heart - isn't that what life is all about!

Thursday -
After finally tracking down some goat milk, I took the plunge and made my first ever batch of soap. Its a recipe from the down to earth forum - Whisks goat milk and honey soap.

It was a little daunting at first, but its a pretty simple process and it seems to have worked out. I will take it out of the milk carton moulds and cut it up tomorrow, and then it needs 6 weeks curing time - thank goodness all my creative pursuits don't require that amount of patience to achieve an outcome!

Next was making a couple of drawing wallets for two gorgeous little girls who celebrated their 2nd birthdays today with a joint party. I choose to make them very similar to the one that I got for Jacinta from Tillytom. They have a button & elastic closure, and were made entirely of fabric from Tuesdays op shopping. I personalised them with the girls names stitched on the front.

I really wanted to make an effort to make more gifts this year (or buy handmade) so it was lovely to be able to make these. It was also nice to climb into bed last night knowing the cards were written in, and the gifts were wrapped (in recycled paper bags and ribbons) all ready to go.

Oh and during all this I was regulary required to "yook at me Mummy"

...this is the sort of sillyness I was greeted with each time!

Friday -
I awoke this morning expecting the creative urge to have left me, but it hadn't. I had been contemplating making another one of the little stiener inspired dolls, it was 9.30am and the party was only at 11am - wouldn't it be nice if I could pop a sweet little doll in with each of the gifts. Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the creative juices pumping! I knew with the limited time I would have to make a few adjustments - but it shouldn't be too difficult. I had also been thinking of a slightly simplified version of the dolls for all those who had asked for a tutorial when I made the others.

So between supplying cool play things like water painting, arranging snacks for outside, supervising toilet trips and fielding a million what you doing Mummy questions I managed to get them completed. Just. Thankfully for the last half hour Isaac went next door and Jazz was content to sit and watch (especially since I caved and let her have her dummy)
They are similar to Isaac & Jacinta's, but there are no inside arm/hands, it is just all part of the body. They looked gorgeous all snuggled into the gifts, and the girls loved them. Jacinta was so excited about giving Sophie & Ruby "yittle babies"

After the wonderful party the kids were exhausted. Jacinta went to bed and Isaac was content to go back and forth between riding his bike and watching TV. I didn't have time to clean up my mess before we ran out the door. Seeing all my doll stuff out inspired me to tackle the project that had been spinning around my head for a while. If you are like me and have a resident sock monster at your house, but cant bear to throw the odd socks out, 'just in case' the other one turns back up, then you have all you will need to create a sweet little 'odd sock pocket baby'. I'm in the process of writing up a tutorial, so you can all create your own little piece of upcycled cuteness. Until then, here is a sneak peek...


Christie said...

Oh wow, you are impressive! Those gifts are perfect, I have a little girl here who would LOVE to receive something like that. Looking forward to your tutorial :)