Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter weekend

A weekend filled with lots of fun family time.

Saturday started with a morning bike riding and walk along the Amy Gillett bike way.

Jacinta and I got there a little early and started walking the track until the boys caught up with us and she hopped on the baby carrier on Daddy's bike.

Isaac managed to ride the entire track and back again, although his little legs were starting to struggle on a couple of the slight inclines on the way back - but he made it!

Our traditional Easter brunch at Grandmas and Grandpas was this year replaced by a lovely family tea at my sisters on Saturday night.

Complete with Easter egg hunting,

and lots of smooches for this gorgeous little man on his first Easter.

There was also the traditional 'lets see if we can get a decent photo of all the kids' photo shoot -

at least they are all in it, and there were no melt downs, tears, temper tantrums or fights during the capturing of this photo!

Sunday we were woken just after 6am, by the two littlest members of the family excitedly gabbling something about chocolate eggs and Easter bunny
- who ever decided that Easter Sunday was a good time for the day light savings change over, obviously didn't have little kids who were going to wake up early with excitement anyway.

Oh and the Mummy that decided good Friday was a perfect time to transition her baby girl from a cot which she couldn't not get out of herself to a 'toddler bed' which allows her free access to the whole house at her whim, was also a little crazy!

The easter bunny had filled the hats that were left out, and nibbled on the carrot that was left out for him as well.

Every one took full advantage of the fact that today is the only day in the whole year that you get to eat chocolate before you even have breakfast!

We then packed up and headed to the beach for a little surfing, boogie boarding, getting totally covered in sand,

driving on the beach, playing on the sand hills,

chasing seagulls (and a magpie) , finding cockles, swimming, catching up with friends, and trying to capture some decent shots of the kids ( which I will put in a seperate post)

Today we walked down and had a mini egg hunt for Jazz & Isaac at Nanna & Pappas place.

The weekend was completed with take away pizzas for tea. I don't remember the last time we had take away, we usually make pizzas, hamburgers etc ourselves. The pizza Nath and I designed was the best - tomato, chicken, feta and baby spinach - yummo!
Its been a lovely relaxing and fun weekend. I even managed to keep up with the housework, so Im not starting the school holidays on the back foot with that!


Becky said...

Great idea using a hat as an Easter Basket, might have to borrow that one when we get around to needing chocolate at Easter...