Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a special spot

Today I helped created a special spot for little people to play. Our sandpit has been a bit neglected lately, it tends to get over run by all the diggers and dump trucks that three boys have managed to accumulate over the past 13 years - its amazing how long some of them manage to survive! I'm sure that if I had to try and play in the wet sand squished in amongst all that, I would find something else to do too!

The over crowding problem was easily fixed - a little suggestion that maybe all the trucks and diggers could stay behind the sandpit when they were not being used solved that problem.

The sandpit is in the shade most of the day now and the sand is quite damp, it will probably remain that way for many months now.

Jacinta in particular really doesn't like sitting in the sand (if we are at the beach that's another story, then she LOVES the sand!) Ive been wanting Craig to make some sort of seats on the corners of the sand pit for ages. Yesterday when his Dad dropped off a few logs destined for our wood pile, I knew they were my solution.

We loaded them in Isaac's little wheelbarrow and he carefully carted them out the back to the sandpit. We dug away the sand, placed the logs and 'hey presto' the perfect seats to keep little bottoms up off the sand - they are just perfect. We placed a couple of smaller logs to the side - I will be interested to see what use they get put too - I'm imagining them being a perfect spot for a collection of sticks, stones and shells, all ready to adorn carefully built sand castles, or a great place to sit a drink - this play can be thirsty work you know! A smaller half log quickly found a place as a hill for the dump trucks to make a road over.

I'm looking forward to seeing this space utilised a lot more now.