Tuesday, June 20, 2006

isn't she cute

OK so Im a bit biased!!! I havn't had a baby girl to goo and gah over for quite a while so bear with me. My God daughters are all growing up, Monice turns 6 in a couple of weeks, Jessica is 5 1/2 & Rhiannon is 10, so its a bit novel having a tiny baby girl around. We had a mini photo shoot the other day, Vic wanted a photo of Georgia to go on her thank you cards. This is the one she choose. (She used it in full colour though. I just posted this one to show Mel I could do it. Thanks to her tuition over the phone the other day I can now preform at least one task on photoshop YIPPEE!!! Thanks gorgeous)

I took heaps, but there were not many decent ones to choose from. I thought it would be a piece of cake getting some nice shots of a newborn...boy was I wrong. Ive admired the shots of a newborn on the pile of nappies on Katies blog and thought it would be easy. WRONG... It took me ages to try and fold the nappies so they even looked half soft a fluffy, and all she wanted to do was stretch her legs out and bury her head.

(I take my hat off to all those photographers out there who get stunning photos of newborns!!! I just drool over the gorgeous shots Katie gets - as I often tell her lol. If you havnt seen her beautiful work, pop into her blog one day and check out the photo gallery link. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is also a very talented scrapper! Ive never actually met her, but she just seems so lovely, and Ive admired her work on 2peas for ages. )

Here is my attempt at the nappy shot - this is the best one of the series of them that I took. I think its OK. Vic doesnt really like it much though.

Thats all folks. Just wanted to show off my neice!!!

Nic xxx


tiger said...

you take really good pictures!!! two thumbs-up!

Kelly said...

That bubby is soooooo cute.
Completely clucky now!! I think those photos are absolutely gorgeous!
Love Kel

Trish Reed said...

I really love your photos, I know how hard it is to take nice newborn piccies.

Jess said...

She is gorgeous - made me all clucky! And I think you did a great job with the photos. Katie has done a couple of photo shoots with my two boys, and despite watching carefully I STILL don't know how she manages to capture them so well!


Shazz said...

wowsa wow woman...they are awesome pics. and i love the one with the pink hat....just too cute.


Crissy Gaylor said...

She is gorgeous!!! You have done an excellent job. :)

Mel Diener said...

Nic, Nic, Nic...what AWESOME photography. You are rocking girl. And for the record, I KNEW you'd master photoshop. Heck, your probably better than me already (which wouldn't be hard lol)

And your Niece is totally gorgeous.

Nat-Mardon said...

I know what you mean about difficulties of taking shots of newborns, I tried the other day with eli too, but to no real avail.... where do you set up and what props/back-drops do you have??

You still got some good shots though - cute!

Katie Toland said...

Oh Nic you are a darling! Thank you so much for such lovely comments!! You did a great job. My little trick with the nappies is to pop them in the dryer first to get them fluffy, then I fold two together to make them look thick too. Then I pile them up carefully checking how even they are, and that the bottom ones haven't disapeared under the pile on one side (which seems to happen a lot!)

As for light, when I took most of Ethan's newborn shots I actually put the backdrop in his cot. His mattress was up at that stage, so with the side down it was flat KWIM? I pulled the cot right up to the window... so close that I was sitting on the window sill!

Lock your focus on the bub, and WAIT! That perfect shot will happen, eventually ;)

You really did do a great job. Be proud. Good on you with photoshop too. And feel free to drop me an email if there is anything else you want to know. Hope this helps :)

xx k

janinek said...

These photos are just adorable Nic.

Steph Caskey Devlin said...

Nic - those photos are just beautiful. I love the first one and the colour's you have played around in photoshop. She is just gorgeous.
Steph x

Roz said...

NIc!! WOW! I would be stoked if I took these! Well done :o)

And thanks for those tips Katie ;o)