Friday, June 02, 2006

hey baby

On Wednesday Isaac and I met up with Kathie and Jamie for lunch. After we had fed the boys, I got a few photos of them. When I looked at the first few they just cracked me up. Jamie is teething atm (hence the cutest little bright red cheeks you ever did see!) and Im sure this is
what all their babbling to each other was about...

Jamie: "Open wide, just want to check if youve got any teeth yet Isaac"

Isaac: "Nope, what are teeth? Come here...can I have a look at yours"

Isaac: "Psssssst Ive got a secret....does your mum always want you to smile for the camera?...lets try not to both look at the same time"

Jamie: "Yeh, great idea! then we will get to watch them both dance around being silly to try and get us both smiling"

Well thats my take on the whole situation anyway. Poor little Jamie didnt know what hit him when Isaac started trying to 'kiss and cuddle' him. It looked a little more like they were trying to see how far they could stretch each others faces, ears and anything esle they could grab. I think they both ended up with little scratches, but they wernt the slightest bit worried, There was lots of giggling, gooing and gahing. I think the Mummys were more concerned than they were.

It was so nice to get together again. Its great to have someone else to chat with who is going through all the same things at the same time, and knows just where your coming from. Thanks Kathie & Jamie!

After we left them, I met up with my Mum & Dad for a coffee. Grandpa gave Isaac his first taste of froth from his capaccino - he was VERY impressed. He now eyes off my cups of coffee with a look of desire in his eyes LOL.

Ive got a few more LOs done. Im really enjoying the smaller size still too. Maybe Ill become a convert yet! Im working on a way to fit them in with my other LOs in a 12x12 album though - especially those I do of Isaac, because I want them to go in his baby album still. I will share a few when I get around to taking pics of them.

We had our six month check this morning and Isaac is on the 50th percentile line for height and weight. He weighed just a smidge under 8kg, and was 67.5cm long.

***edit*** A huge congratulations to Kate, Jeff & Georgia on the arrival of a precious, tiny little girl, Charlotte Daisy Jane. I just read the awesome news on Kates blog, and saw her gorgeous piture. Big hugs to you both!!!


kathie said...

:) :) :) They are too cute! And I love your comments, I was giggling as I was reading and Phil had to come and have a look. I bet Isaac loved his first taste of froth. My Mum has been itching to give Jamie some of hers lately and so far I've managed to hold her off, lol. Only because of my extreme paranoia about anything out of a cow getting too close to Jamie. I might have to relent soon.
It was great to catch up, we should do it often :)

Marie said...

I've had a great chuckle over the photos and your comments. Those boys are way too cute!!!!

Shazz said...

way too cute nicole...what adorable little fellows they are and how lucky you and kathie are to live so close together and can get the opportunity to meet up. i am sure your boys will be great mates in years to come


steph caskey devlin said...

Nic, these two are just too cute. Its going to be amazing watching them grow together as friends over the years.
Go the babychino!!! Yummo.
Steph x

Ruthy said...

Such gorgeous little fellows. The comments fit so well LOL!
Ruthy x

janinek said...

Now they are just some adorable photos you have there!!! Love them and can't wait to see what you do with them.

Roz said...

LOL LOL LOL that is tooo cute and too funny!! you so have to scrap that!!

Nat-Mardon said...

oh my, aren't they big boys now!! And doesn't Jamie look like KAthie! Oh gosh, I never saw it in her photos so much, but that one, definitely!

They are both so beautiful! And how special that they can grow up together with a little freind the same age!