Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What I love about winter...

...Sitting by the fire with a cuppa, snuggling up in bed in my flannies, a steaming hot bowl of porridge, toast cooked over the coals, big pots of homemade soup simmering away on the stove, the sound of rain on the roof, and waking up to a frost covered world!

Its VERY rare that we ever get snow in this area, but down in the valley where we are frosty mornings are quite common. The boys are so excited when they wake up and find out 'jack frost' has been. This morning I captured a few shots of the frost on the plants on the garden. Everything was covered in a sparkling white blanket of ice. I never realised how pretty the tiny ice crystals were close up. The boys picked up chunks of ice out of the trucks in the sand pit that were at least 5cm thick!

Ive also got a couple of LO to share. Ive been busily scrapping away when ever I can steal a few minutes for the last couple of days. Trouble is, Ive got about five LOs partially completed on my desk. I get half way thourgh one and the inspiration strikes for another, and I some how manage to let myself get side tracked and start it. I think Im going to have to try sketching some ideas or something because its getting a bit hard to find any room to work LOL. I promised myself that as I finished LOs this year I would put materials lists etc straight on the back of them. Ive been a bit slack lately, so yesterday I managed to get caught up with that as well.

This next one is one I did a while ago. I still just love it. I love the photos, and I love the BG rubons. I was keeping this in my little stash of possibles for the masters, but it doesnt fit any of the criteria so I may as well share!


Mel Diener said...

That photo looks amazing Nic, you are such a good photographer girl. Loving the smaller format in your scrapping, I'm so glad you are having fun experimenting with this size. I've actually gone back and done a couple of larger ones recently..OMG, I'm so not used to it lol. I actually even did a double 12x12 rofl..only took me two days!!!

kathie said...

I love the bottom LO! You could have kept it in your stash for the ET?
Love the photo of the frost. Brrrr.

Janine K said...

Lovely LO's Nic and the photo of the frost is just amazing!

Katie Toland said...

Brilliant photo Nic!

Your layouts are gorgeous. I especially do love the bottom one too. Love the rubons, they look amazing.

And I love all those wintery things you mentioned too... except for porridge ;)

Trish Reed said...

Beautiful layouts!!! and what an awesome photo of the frost, love all those wintry things too.

Rach Axton said...

Wow love both of these layouts, they are awesome!!!!

Good luck with the Masters!!

And wow, that photo is sooooo awesome.. I've been meaning to take some frosty photos but I've been too slack.. lol.. I'm sure I'll have some more opportunities before Winter is over!! :)

Rach xx