Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where does time go?

I cant believe its been a week since Ive updated my blog. I did do a huge post while I was talking to Mel on the phone last Thursday, but blogger ate it and wouldnt let me publish it GGGRRR.

We had a great weekend away. We left Friday morning and drove the 5 hours to Horsham in Victoria. Craigs Pop was turning 90 so we had a weekend of catching up with all the rellies over there. It was actually really good. The boys all travelled well, and were well behaved for most of the weekend! We stayed in a cabin at the caravan park, right behind the botanic gardens. The boys could go and play and run around whenever they wanted. I fell in love with the gorgeous morning light and autumn colours...and the old wooden fence, so the boys were subject to lots of requests for photos LOL. I did manage to get some nice shots of each of them though, so all the bribery was worth it!!! These are just a few of my favourites...

I also have a few LOs to share... (hopefully blogger will play nice and let me upload them!) This first one is a pretty simlpe LO, which is really more about the journalling that anything else.

As you can see this one is about how lucky I was to be pregnant at the same time as both of my younger sisters. I faded out the belly shots and cropped mine heaps so I didnt look like the fat chick with stretch marks next to my two very skinny sisters - you gotta love the magic of the computer LOL!!!! The belly shots are all taken at about term, its cool to see what different shapes we all were.

Lastly a sneak peek at my LO for scrapbook station for this fortnight. Its not up yet, but you have to go and check out the other LOs from the DT. I especially LOVE Lydells this month! The theme was 'about me'.


Trish Reed said...

Nic these photos are senstional you gatta be happy hey!!! Love the belly layout really really fantastic, how lucky you were to share this with your sisters.

kathie said...

Gorgeous LOs, Nic. You are so lucky to have your sisters all having babies around the same time.
What a tease! Your LO for SS looks great. I'll have to go and check it out.

Roz said...

Wowie Nic!! Gorgeous LO's, and I am glad I can't read the journalling on your Being a Mum Lo cause I'm sure I'd cry!

Nat-Mardon said...

Great pics and great LOs Nic!

Lydell said...

Oh you are lovely! Thankyou! I have not seen yours for this topic yet! Sneak peak looks cool though!

Love your LO of all of you pregnant! My sister and I were 6 weeks apart with our first babies, it was really nice!
Looking forward to seeing your About me LO!