Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another month

Dear Isaac

Yesterday marked the passing of yet another month in your life. 7 months old...before I know it you will be turning one!

At 7 months you are...

beginning to sit unsupported for a short time, before you topple over.

you roll over and over, you do 'pushups' - like real little pushups where your whole body except your hands and toes is off the ground - very cute!

You chatter and babble to yourself and have little 'conversations' with me. You are loud!

You show obvious delight when one of us approaches you

You still have no teeth

You still are not a very good sleeper. Occassionally we get a night where you get right through, but we usually have to get up to you every couple of hours in the night - very tiring!

Your still a very happy and contented little baby during the day

You LOVE going out walking in the pram

You LOVE your bath - when we undress you at night you squeel and kick around with delight as I pick you up to take you to the bath.

I bath you in the trough in the laundry...Nathan likes getting in there sometimes too, because he can have it really deep.

I am still breastfeeding you.

You have a bottle of formula just before bed. This seems to get you through to the morning without needing another feed.

You have a breastfeed 5-6am, breakfast at 8am, breastfeed 11ish, lunch somwhere between 11.30-2.00pm, breastfeed at 4ish, tea 5.30; bottle at 7pm, bed about 7.30/8.00pm.

You sleep in your cot with your special teddy.

You are just starting to outgrow some of your smaller 00 size clothes.

You travel well in the car.

Your place as the youngest grandchild in the family has been passed on to little Georgia Charlie.

You are a really cuddly baby.

You really play with your toys now, grasping them, shaking them, looking at them and choosing what you want next.

Your not crawling, but you manange to move yourself backwards and end up in all sorts of odd places.

You are still the joy of our lives and we all love you so much.

Mummy xxx


kathie said...

Beautiful, Nic. The two babies are so similar :). Except J still refuses to roll. It's obvious he has me wrapped around his little finger and would prefer me to roll him over than to do it himself ;)