Thursday, June 15, 2006


I must have looked a site this morning, out in the freezing cold, with my camera and mini tripod taking pics of the grass!!!! Wonder what the neighbours thought!!!

You guessed it, we had another really heavy frost again last night. Everything was covered, the roof tops, the clothes line, even the letter box. Craig sat a plastic cup of water out last night and it was frozen solid this morning!

Here are a couple more shots from today - promise this is all Ill put up LOL I just have this fascination with the sheer beauty of the ice crystals. They are all so different, so fragile, yet so temporary. The first is the frost on a blade of grass, the second is a wheel of a tonka truck in the sand pit, and the third a leaf. You have to wonder how plants manage to survive this battering night after night!

At least Im getting some practice using the macro settings on my camera.


Jodi McPherson said...

You should send some of those frost photos into the Courier, they are really good!
Love Jode

Katie Toland said...

Nic, PLEASE don't stop showing these! I am loving them. Your photography is fantastic, such a talented lil thing you are! You know I am a photo freak, but I never get photos of anything other than people. I love seeing these. And believe me, my neighbours have seen plenty of strange sights too LOL.

Please, please, show more!!

Roz said...

holy snappers Nic, awesome, awesome Pics!!! Keep sharing, so at least I can feel like we're in winter ;o) lol

Marie said...

Fantastic photos, Nicole.

kathie said...

Brrrr indeed. I feel cold just looking at these photos. Did you run back inside to your nice warm fire once you were finished? You must have been frozen!

Mel Diener said...

You are MASTERING those macro settings, I might have to come over for some lessons lol. It''s been so freezing here too..driving me nuts, my feet are constantly frozen..perhaps you''d like to take a photo of them???? roflmao

Glad you had a good trip to Horsham, it''s such a lovely place.

Shazz said...

amazing pics nic. such an arty-farty feel to them - specially the truck tyre.


p.s. i have FINALLY updated my blog and have you linked in the sidebar now.

janinek said...

We couldn't get over the frost everywhere that morning! even our camper trailer which was undercover had ice all down the side. Everything was just covered and it was still ice even after 9am and the sun had been out a couple of hours! Your shots are just splendid!

steph caskey devlin said...

Nic, those macro shots are stunning. Cant wait to see them in a series on a layout. Great catching up on what you have been doing. Your boys are so cheeky!!
Steph x

Nat-Mardon said...

Wow, these are REALLY stunning photos!! KEep em coming, and yeah, you should send them into the newspaper.

Michelle Perry said...

Crikey... I could almost say I was glad I moved away from the hills, but it got to minus 5 out here last week... so it's not much better!!

Thank goodness for a nice warm fire!!

Oh, and incase you hadn't already figured it out - I'm back online - woohoo!!! Will email you!!