Monday, January 15, 2007


...anyone want to hazard a guess what Im on about???? Yippee for me!!!! LOL

Oh, and by the way.......Isaac took his first step today!!!!!! Yah, so proud of my bubba, I had a tear in my eye...not that you could tell through all the clapping and cheering the boys and I were doing for him. Quite chuffed with himself he was too! We even had a little encore performance for Daddy when he got home this afternoon. I tried to get Nathan to get a pic of a step, but Isaac was too distracted by the camera to take any more LOL.

We had a nice family afternoon yesterday. We took the kids down to the beach, and who should be two cars in front of us when we arived and found a park - our next door neighbours LOL The kids were stoked to have them to play with. It wasnt Isaacs first trip to the beach, but it was his first real swim at the beach. He crawled right on into the water and loved it...except for the one time that he got knocked over backwards as he sat in the waves. Of course I had to get a few photos!!! Only had the 'little' camera, but they turned out OK.

Have to pick up the kids school books this week. I just love book collection days. there is just something about all those new books and pens and other goodies. The novelty wears off real quickly when I get them home and have to start covering them all though!!!!

Thursday we've got haircuts. A new hairdresser. My 'old' hairdresser used to come up to our houses and do a group of us every five weeks. She had been doing our hair for years, so we were all a little distraught when she told us last cut that it would be her last. She works full time (not hairdressing any more) and and it ws all geting a bit much. Very sad to see her go. Im going to a friend of my sister who has a salon at home. You know what they say, a change is as good as a holiday!!! I will keep telling myself that! I never had to think about what colour etc I wanted, I just left it upto J, and always loved the colours she managed to mix up. Im sure my new hairdresser will be great. I know her (I actually knew her years ago, before my sister met her at anti natal classes - small world!) and she is great, so all will be fine!

Friday - CREATIVE EDGE!!!! SO excited. Cant wait to do Zinas class! Then Im helping out in one of Kates classes and one of Zinas classes on the Saturday. Then we are heading back to the city again on Sunday for some other stuff. Should be a great weekend - lots of driving though, which is the only downfall about living up in the hills (its only about 45 min drive, but its a VERY windy trip) No kids with me (well Friday & Saturday anyway), so that will be nice too - school holidays are SO long!!!!!

Here is my latest LO for scrapbook station. Transparencies. I used ghost letters, sanded and coloured with pencils on the back, and the large adorable is a cut down transparency overlay (from CI maybe?) which is painted on the back, and layered with rub-on words. Would you believe I think this is the first time I have ever used journalling strips like this. I always love the look on other peoples LOs, but couldnt get them to 'work' for me. Happy with this though. The border is HS tape - lovin this stuff too! Old I know, but Id never owned any up until about a month ago whe I got it REALLY cheap at a sale with a voucher I had won. I remember Janine saying ages ago that I would love it - you know me well!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, how cute, Isaac taking his first steps. he's growing up so fast.

Love the layout Nic, everything works so wonderfully together.

Cant wait to catch up on Frida.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Issac had a great time at the beach :)

Had fun on the weekend, sounds like u will!! :D

kathie said...

Yay Isaac! He looks so adorable in that beach shot, with his little swim-shirt and hat :)
Have a great weekend

Nat-Mardon said...

Congrats to little Isaac on his first steps!! how exciting!!

kathie said...

OK, it's been bugging me all day, lol. Is it your tax refund? If it is, I wanna come shopping with you!

Chrissy said...

Your cars LO is just gorgeous Nic, big congrats to your little Isaac on his first steps, that is just so cute!

Hope you are having fun at CE, I bet you are! :-)

Take care
Chrissy xx