Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to school

The day has finally arrived, and the morning went quite smoothly - everyone was ready for school by 8.10am - we dont leave till 8.30AM! Im sure we wont continue with that level of organisation for long though LOL

Got one photo of the two boys together. Caleb didnt want to pose for a pic..until I told him I either took one at home, or I was coming into his class room to get a few there - he agreed to one photo straight away LOL It not very good, but at least I have it!!!!

Nath let me get a couple of him, and even agreed to some once we were in his class room!

Isaac will really miss the boys now they are back at school. The bags were packed and we were nearly ready to go this morning when I got this shot of him... Im sure he is wishing he could go off to school too!!!!

Im off to enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet while Isaac sleeps. Thought I might leave you with this shot of our little bubble monster in the bath last night....isnt he cute!!!!!

He really loves his baths, and Im gateful for that, BUT the only downfall is that when you love your bath that much there is always going to be a performance when its time to get out. Last night was a particularly long and loud one !!!! Wow, I dont think Ive ever seen a tantrum quite like this from him. He was still screaming and throwing himself backwards and ripping his dummy out his mouth and throwing it across the room after he was dried off and had his Jamies on! Gee cant wait for the whole two year old thing LOL


kathie said...

Oooh, we're right with you on the tantrum front, lol. Roll on two... they're only just one!!
The boys look smart for school. Yes, I'm sure Isaac will miss them.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

I just emailed Kathie about the toddler stage and it SUCKS!!! But they can't be perfect all of the time! Like I said to Kathie scrap the bad stuff to, get em back!

Issac is so cute!

Love the school threat totally funny!

Love me :)

Megan said...

Nic I LOVE your bribery method to get the photo at home lol!! Very clever indeed, and I will keep that one in mind :-)

Your boys look most handsome, and I hope they had a great first day.

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

Wow Nic, it's like looking at photos of my own child LOL!! I'm in the thick of the terrible two's with Daniel and tantrums like that are the norm at the moment!!

Caleb and Nathan always look so grown up in their uniforms.


Mel Diener said...

lol on the bribery..love it, and I can so imagine you doing it too.

Wow...WHAT a tantrum. I've got a few of those on video of the girls, can't wait till they have kids roflmao

Mardi said...

They look lovely in their school uniforms...and yes I had two kids avoiding the camera on Monday morning too ....
Mardi x

Shazz said...

ROTFL at your photo bribery technique nic. i did the "mum in her PJs in the school carpark" threat with my boys when they thought it was uncool to kiss mum goodbye in case your mates saw - that worked too.
i am sorry but i had to laugh at the pic of isaac throwing a tanty - i don't miss those days at all. all i could do was laugh at my kids when they did it cause i didn't know what else to do.
isaac is gonna hate you when this appears at his 21st...LOL
have a great weekend