Monday, January 01, 2007


Goodbye 2006 and welcome 2007!

We had a fun night at a party at a friends place last night. The kids were really good. Caleb crashed at about 1.30am on their couch despite there being tons of other kids there. I finally got Isaac off to sleep in his pram at 12.30am - the little trooper managed to stay up and see the new year in with us! Nathan was still going strong when we left at 2.15am!!! they all had huge sleep ins this morning...the boys and I only crawled out of bed at about 11.00am - heaven! I did have to get up and change Isaac at 8.30am, but I gave him his bottle and he went back to sleep. I must admit I did wake up feeling a little worse for wear and sporting quite a headache! We spent the day (well what was left of it lol) at Craigs sisters place swimming in the pool, lazing in the hammock and generally having a fun day with the kids!

I hope 2007 is a wonderful year for all of you.

My letter to Isaac......

My sweet little Isaac

I cant believe how fast this last year has passed. Last New Years Eve we headed off to celebrate with a 5 week old, and look at you now, 13 months! It’s amazing the transformation that you have gone through in this past year. I miss my tiny new born, but I treasure the beautiful little boy you are becoming!

It wont be long and you will be walking and talking. You have become a charming and sweet little boy, although you are starting to show a real stubborn streak as well. If I take you away from something you want to do, you jump up and down as I try to stand you up, and sometimes you even throw yourself backward from a sitting position if you get really cranky. The other day you found out why that wasn’t a good idea when you tried it out on the tiles. You got a nice little bump on the back of your head and gave yourself quite a scare. At this stage your little tantrums are just too cute to be taken very seriously though – which I think frustrates you further.

Your favourite place to be is outside. You are heartbroken if someone walks out the back door and your not allowed to go to. Your also very will always crawl over and check if the door is latched properly - you have worked out how to slide it open if its not. You also know the destinctive sight of the light shining in through the toilet or bathroom doors if someone has left them waste no time in going to investigate. Its usually Nathan that runs to close them quickly before you get there. He is good at taking you back to your toys and distracting you with something else.

Sometimes Daddy brings you into my bed for a cuddle in the morning - he has already given you a bottle in bed and you want to play. You give me the biggest sweeetest snuggles, but it doesnt take long for you to catch sight of the little red torch on the bedside cabinet. You sit shining its light on the ceiling and watching it move around. Its amazing how such simple things give you so much pleasure.

Since Christmas you have mastered being able to stand with out holding on to anything. Caleb thinks it’s a great trick and is always standing you in the middle of the room. You love falling on to him and having him stand you back up. Its a cute little game that the two of you play. You lap up the praise. “Clever boy” we all laugh and clap. You get the proudest, cheekiest smile beaming across your face. It wont be long now and Im sure we will see those first tentative little steps. There will be no stopping you then.

You are still really attached to your dummy. “spit that yucky dummy out” I say as I get you out of bed. You giggle and pull it out with an audible pop and let my toss it in your cot. I don’t mind you having it in bed, or in the car, but I need to stop everyone giving it to you the rest of the day. Its pretty hard to learn to talk with a ‘nummy’ in your mouth!

Teddy is still a firm favourite, and you are starting to want to bring him out of the cot to play. He lays on the floor. You see him. You crawl as fast as your little legs will take you and launch yourself onto him and cuddle into his soft fluffy body. aahhhh cuddles for Teddy.

You are such a water baby. It doesnt matter hwere the water is, you love to be in it. The hose, the sprinkler, your wading pool, a big pool, the bath...anything to do with water!

When we go swimming in Auntie Mandys pool you love me to sit you on the side and count 1...2...3....before I pull you in and let you go right under the water. You hold your breath and come up with eyes open wide and a huge smile on your face. Its just so cute! For Christmas Father Christmas gave you a new spring float use in the pool. You love the freedom this gives you - no one has to hold you, and you can play with the dive balls at the same time.

We have been on quite a few holidays this year…Wallaroo in February, Horsham in June, Houseboat trip in July and Kangaroo Island in September. You have always travelled well, and seem to adapt to the massive changes in routine relatively easily. You love to see new things and experience new places. Not much seems to really faze you.

Your 1st birthday and Christmas have seen our house filled once again with the sights and sounds of little boys toys. You love playing with them all, and its double the fun if your brothers or Daddy join in as well. You are just as happy playing with a ball or a box or screwing up the junk mail as with the multitude of toys in your various toy baskets scattered through out the house.

I love you my sweet little bubba! Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. May 2007 be filled with much love and happiness for us all.

Mummy xxx


Anonymous said...

My gosh Nic, I can't believe how much he has grown! And he's standing! Won't be long and he'll be running around the house!


Nat-Mardon said...

Beautiful letter Nic! I always love reading these. Even as a review of the year, I'm learning new things about Isac and your family.

You have inspired to write letters to my boys too from 2006 and all that we did.

Thanks, and I pray that 2007 brings you and your family as many happy memories as 2006 did.

Anonymous said...

It's a massive difference from a year ago! But what a little cutie! Loved redaing Issacs letter, so sweet! Glad u had an awesome new year!

Mel Diener said...

Once again, I love your letter to Isaac, these are something he will treasure as he grows.

Glad you had a great New Years, I too felt a little worse for wear, well, actually a LOT lol

Anonymous said...

Your letter to Issac was so,......

I wish I had done journaling like this for my godson, it would add so much beautiful meaning to my LO's

Louise :)