Wednesday, January 10, 2007

swim little fish

Ever since Isaacs first swim (about 1 year ago) when he was about six weeks old we have always sung a little song to him when he goes in the water. At first it was just to relax him, but now he knows that if we start singing "swim little fish, swim little fish, swim, swim, swim...." (for those of you lucky enough to watch play school, you probably know the tune...well the one I sing it too any way, DH has his own version!) he knows its time for a bath, or a shower with Daddy, or a swim in the pool...and he gets so excited.

This kid is just such a water baby.

Today I tightened up his little wahoo vest and put the arm floaties on him and he was off. Kicking his feet, laughing, splashing and a bit of spluttering LOL.
It was funny to watch him, casue when he didnt concetrate on keeping his legs up behind him, his jacket flipped him on to his back.

He soon turned this into a game as well, and thought he was very clever - albeit like a stranded turtle when he flipped as he wasnt quite clever enought to turn back again with out help.

The boys love having him in the pool with them. Caleb is very confident with him and loves having a [short] play with him and tossing him around. Isaac is a lucky boy having two big brothers that dote on him like Caleb & Nathan do.
Nathan took afew pics today for me and I even got Craig to take some of Isaacs most favorite game of all. 1...2...3... and I pull him off the side of the pool and let him go under! Not quite the pics I had envisioned, but a record of our little game at least.

And how could I nearly forget....we had a couple of new arrivals at our house this afternoon. From outer space!!!!! The boys hatched their test tube aliens :0 LOL. Now we have to keep them in the dark for 12 hours a day, feed them, they have little red flashing lights (beating hearts) and apparently they grow into mature aliens in just 14 days. Look out Lilo and Stitch, here comes the Wood boys and ??????? (they do even have names , Mummy just doesnt remember them!)


Anonymous said...

HI Nic!

Your piccies are great!

And aliens??! That looks like a whole lot of fun...keep your bedroom door locked at night!!

Megan xx

Roz said...

What sweet pics nic! He looks like he's right at home in the water!

hmmm, aliens huh? Good luck with that lol

Nat-Mardon said...

What ARE those alien things Nic? I bet Jaidyn would LOVE one of those!!

Great pics, always just love hearing about your little man, and he's just so gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

OMG what are the alien things>?

Issac is such a darling :D

Anonymous said...

Isaac does look like regular little water baby!
I dunno about the aliens.... it must be a boy thing. Oh, I'm so looking forward to all that stuff................... not.