Monday, January 22, 2007

my weekend

What a great weekend! Friday night I did my first ever class at Creative edge. It was a mini album with Zina Wright. I did discover that I'm definitely not a fast scrapper though LOL. It was so much fun. Zina is just so dynamic, and a wonderful teacher. You cant help but be inspired by her. I cant wait to get some time to finish off my album and use some ideas inspired by her on other LOs. It was also wonderful to catch up with, and get to scrap with some of my favorite scrapping buddies - Kathie, Mel, Kate, Jane & Michelle, as well as get to meet lots of other lovely ladies over the weekend. The only downfall was the awful headache I developed half way through the class. I wanted to stick around and chat with some of you (especially my fellow DT member Jahnava), but my head was SO yuck that I just needed to leave and get home to sorry if I seemed a bit vague or rude!

Thanks to Michelle for grabbing the 'compulsory' photo with the wonderful Zina for me...I felt a bit like a 'stalker' getting my photo taken with her after...I'm sure she had no idea who I was..LOL..I guess she is pretty used to that though!

Saturday I headed back down (feeling much better!) to help out. I had a super quick shop at the plaza on the way. Managed to get myself some new bathers - I HATE shopping for bathers but on limited time you just have to make do!!!
I got some gorgeous little red 'crocs' - well targets version of them LOL - for Isaac, and a pair of camo shorts each for the other boys. I wasn't that keen on the camos to start with, but since I have had Isaac wearing some they have really grown on me, and now I just love them. They all had them on yesterday and today - too cute!!!! I got Isaac a little travel booster seat too - it fits nicely in our highchair at home which didn't have straps, and was getting to be a little dangerous as some little monkey discovered he could turn around and stand up in the highchair a while back. It folds up into a little bag and just straps to a normal chair if we are out anywhere.

I helped out in Kates class on Saturday morning, and another of Zinas in the afternoon - lots of washing out brushes and getting little bits and pieces sorted so that the girls could concentrate on teaching! It was a blast and I loved doing it. I also ended up staying for the dinner (thank you Janine!!) and laughed so much my stomach ached all the way home. It was a lot of fun, and really nice to have a bit of time for me!

Sunday was a family day. We had to be in town for an audition for Isaac in the morning, and then went for a tour of the old Adelaide gaol. It went for two hours and the kids managed to get through the whole time - what troopers. Had lunch together and then headed home again for a few hours of doing nothing. Lovely!.

Pulled out all my goodies from the weekend after the kids went to bed and finished the front cover of my mini album while Craig flicked between cricket and tennis on the telly. For those of you who don't know, I just do not like watching sport, Id rather be doing anything else. I did set myself up at the kitchen table, so I could be in the same room as him though...must have missed my man a bit over the weekend then! Not that I actually thought about it till then LOL.

Lastly an update on the walking. He will take a few steps if you stand him up and encourage him lots, although falling down plonk on his bottom is still a very funny part of the game for him LOL. Yesterday he finally discovered he could stand up all by himself with out needing to pull up on anything. Last night he was practicing over and over. I would turn around and he would be up again, and taking a few wobbly little steps each time. I took these pics this morning - I have no idea why all the walking pics I seem to take are in his PJ's either!!!


Mel Diener said...

You've finished your cover? cool..your well ahead of me then lol. I just don['t know when I will find the time to get mine finished...I'm itching to do it though.

Have a great week, and remember, this time next week will be sooo peaceful lol

Roz said...

oh I knew you'd have a blast, and LOVE Zina...isn't she cool?? And she will be all the more richer for having met you ;o)

Look at your boy- those pics are brilliant!!

kathie said...

I had such fun on Friday night too. Happy that we got to sit together :). I kept cheating off you, did you notice? rofl. I couldn't keep up!
Love the pics of Isaac walking. Which reminds me. I must pull the camera out and get some of Jamie walking too.

Anonymous said...

It was such a fun weekend wasn't it! I didnt' get to "offically" meet you (wierd isn't it how you sort of "know" someone but don't LOL) but yes that after dinner conversation was one that will stick in my mind forever.....

Allie collyer

Jahnava said...

Yes gosh Nic You RUDE thing, fancy getting a headache LOL, im just joking :-) Wow well done on the cover lol, mine is all sitting there actually i came home and did some. Well it was lovely to put a face to the name even though i kinda already seen the face, it was freaky watching every body like walk out of a picture lol.

And ill be round commenting more i have been lazy and out of touch!!!

well cya round Nic ;-)

Mel said...

What gorgeous pics of your boys, Nic! Love those little crocs... I'm so glad Target have the smaller sizes, I have some pink ones for Hannah!
Good on you for getting some pics of Isaac walking, they are such a treasure (don't forget to get a footprint of his too!)
And by the way, your hair looks fabulous.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Sounds like u had fun, and I love the pics thank for sharing chicky! (don't u just hate headaches).
Your boys are so cute, also looks like u has an awesome weekend!

Love me

Anonymous said...

Oh he's so gorgeous... gotta love those tentative first steps!

Mardi said...

Hi was nice to 'unofficially' meet you on Saturday .... and how cute do you look with Zina....
Mardi x