Thursday, June 21, 2007

So not good... being the centre of attention! Let me start off by saying that I really feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention. Im one of those follow along, go with the flow, types of people. I really dont like having to get up in front of groups of people, public speaking scares the sh*t out of me, I just like my quiet little life! So today put me breifly right out of my comfort zone, and let me say there is probably some por lady out there that now thinks Im a complete idiot!!!!

After I picked the boys up from school we popped into the newsagents to see if THE (you know..MY...LOL yep still excitied!!!) magazine was there yet. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by an excited owner (she said)..."did you know....your on the cover" I explained yes I knew, but I hadnt seen it. By this time Caleb had gone down and found the said mag and was holding it up yelling "can we get it? can we get it?" (Like there was any doubt, OF COURSE we are going to get it!!!!!!!!!) anyway there was another lady in the scrapping mags section giving him the once over. We got the mag upto the counter, and ripped it out of the plastic so the owners could check it out - he (owner) says to the young girls next in line, these are local lads on here, I just smile, while starting to blush a little and say "yep this one when he wasnt so hairy" (note to self....must book them in for haircuts - urgently!) Anyway the next lady in line (the one that was giving Caleb the once over, and is now standing there with a scrapping mag too waiting to pay) looks quizzically at me and says excitedly "are you Nicole Wood?" I nod and smile and turn a little redder "I finally get to meet you" I turn a deeper shade of red and laugh it off a bit,I try to grab my stuff and make a quiet exit, she then looks at the owners who I know, and I am sure were giggling at me starting to squirm, and says "shes my hero". Well that was the end of me, Im not sure what else was said, but Im pretty sure I looked like a complete numpty as I high tailed it out of there as fast as I could.

Hero?!!? I know this is a relatively small town and all, but come on!!!! OK I was a tiny bit chuffed at some complete stranger recognising me, but believe me, it was way over shadowed by the horror of being thrust into what I percieved at the time as the limelight! Must work on a musch more gracious way to deal with compliments me thinks!!!! Im used to being the one standing there while people recognise all the scrappers around me, not being the one recognised.

To the poor lady, whom Ive never seen before, but am sure I will see everytime I drive down the street now...if you ever happen by here, or if you mention your bizzar encounter with the psychotic scrapper Nicole Wood to another person who might LOL (mmmm dont think people actually talk about me that much - oh well!!!!) Im really quite a nice normal person (well kind of), Im not usually the embarrased bumbling weirdo you 'meet' today - Im sorry, and Im flattered that you did recognise me, and even more flattered that you like my work!!!

To everyone who left message of congrtulations on the cover. Thank you so much.

Ill post some more life journal pages tommorow too!


Mardi said...

Ohh Nic...arent you just gorgeous!!...that is a wonderfully humble reaction... and Im sure the woman only admired you all the more. It is so nice that you have been recognised for your gorgeous work.... enjoy it.
I must get in and get my copy has obviously finally made its way into country SA.
Mardi x

kathie said...

LOL at you. I'm so glad that you got recognised and made a fuss of. You are so gorgeous! I'm sure she thought you were just wonderful.

Mel Diener said... embarrassment. u deserve the recognition though my friend

Megan said...

hee hee hee Nic....I am so pleased the lady recognised you! How proud the boys must have been of their mum too.

You gave the lady a real brush with fame today - and we all know how much fun that can be :-)

Megan xx

Stitchingmum said...

Such a gorgeous story Nicole, and congratulations on your beautiful cover!!

Shazz said...

LOL....i'm sorry nic but i really got the giggles over your recounting of your brush with fame...and i agree with all the girls...your recognition is well deserved and you really are just the sweetest person xxoo

Lydell Q said...

Great story teller you are Nic! If you do such memorable work, you are bound to have your name recognised!!! I do understand your embarrasment, but yes you do deserve to be recognised and appreciated!!