Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Check this out!

Just a quick post this morning. Wanted to share this photo of Caleb helping cook breakfast on Sunday morning. Bacon & Egg 'Nc-muffins' are a bit of a Sunday morning breakfast treat every couple of weeks in our house, piping hot bacon and eggs and a slice of cheese on freshly toasted wholemeal muffins- Yummo! Much healthier than Mc muffins!!!! Short back bacon (no one here eats the fatty bit of the bacon, much to the rest of my families disgust!), wholemeal muffins (cause they are just yummy!) and low fat cheese of course! I could almost trick myself in to believing they are really healthy if I keep going LOL. The kids love to help, and are quite good at cracking the eggs and cooking everything up now. Just have to work on getting them good at the cleaning up after!!!Anyway... did you have a good look in the pan? check out one of the eggs...a double yolker....I havn't seen one of these since I was a kid. He was so eggcited (LOL I crack myself up...hehehehe, sorry!). They were shop eggs too, not even yummy home grown free range ones!


Shazz said...

i hope that caleb's yummy muffins are on the menu if i ever visit nic - DROOL.
we get double yolkers all the time in our store bought eggs and even more if i am lucky enough to snaffoo some fresh farm eggs from one of the mums at the school.
i just love your LOs and that journal - WOW woman - just fabbo.
funny that your fabric letters piece should be in SM this month because i have had it printed out from the SS newsletter for ages and sitting on my desk.
hope you have a great day xxoo

p.s. thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

kathie said...

You've got quite a little cook there, by the looks. The nc-muffins sound yummo. Good enough for lunch even ;)

Louise said...

Sheeesh Im lovin breakfast at your place Nic!!!!!!

Your address is,.......??? LOL :)

Mel Diener said...

Wow, haven't seen a double yoker here for AGES. Can't wait till my kids learn to cook, I might get breaky in bed...yeah right lol