Wednesday, June 06, 2007

slipping away

All those that pop by here regularly know I have a bit of a liking of eBay, and a lot of a liking for pumpkin patch clothes for my little man. Yesterday I decided that I would start culling some of the clothes I haven't been able to bear to part with.

They don't fit any more, but its just another bit of that little tiny baby, quietly slipping away!!! and they are so darn cute.
Its hard to believe that he actually fit into all of those little clothes -

I remember him propped up on the pillow, ready to come home from the hospital, looking a bit like the saggy baggy elephant. The waist turned over, legs rolled up, hands disappearing inside the sleeves, and socks pulled up to try and keep them on those tiny little feet. To think that was over 18 months ago. It seems like yesterday.

I never sold on eBay before...Ive bought quite a bit though ;) so I'm hoping it goes well. I cant wait to get my very first bid on something!!!
I went through ALL the boxes of clothes and have decided to give lot of it to our local op shop, there is just so much of it, and I would go around the bend trying to photograph and list all of it, plus it feels good to just give some of it away - I hope it all finds a nice new home!!!!

OK just one more photo to add. The most recent shot I had of Isaac on the computer. He is starting to wear size 2 tops now - eeekkkk. Lots of his size 1 stuff was just getting too short! LOL back to looking like that cute little saggy baggy elephant for a couple of months. Not a great photo LOL but look how much my baby has grown up :( He is so proud that he can clamber up onto the lounge by himself now. He gets up there and perches the edge with his legs dangling precariously beneath him, and the cheekiest, proud look on his face. I quite often find him up there, arm outstretched, TV remote in hand, pushing the buttons....sigh...yet another male in the house with a thing for flicking through the channels...whats a girl to do ?!?


Lisa Le-Ray said...

Nic I just cleaned out my walk-in robe! I am also just giving alot of it away!
I haven';t got into the ebay thing yet! I have brought or sold anything! The postage gets me I think!

Issac looks so cute in the pic!

I have kept my boys best little baby clothes /shoes etc and placed it in a box! So cool to look back on :D

Love me

kerry said...

I am the sme i just went through all of Mikayla's things and gave them away to my eldest daughters friend a lot were like brand new
But i just wanted to give them to someone that would appreciate them.He is very grown up looking and so cute.
take care Kerry

natalie michelmore said...

they grow up way to quick! I have kept a couple of items from my babies that I just cant bear to part with, its hard getting rid of the tiny baby stuff - especially if its your last baby, I have begun to do that with my youngest - I have to do it really quick or I will get clucky again! lol!